“debated more NATO shills/tankies on Lemmy” probably won’t be on that list

Having children. Its really impossible to describe how much it changes your live for the better (though its also very hard in the beginning).

Reaching a personal understanding of purpose of life and live by it. And also, truly understanding when they say “perspective is everything”.

Solved the computing and smartphone problems of everyone, by helping thousands of people, atleast for the next decade. Exposed grifters that harm people’s privacy, security and anonymity. Cleansed reddit and saved Lemmy from such grifters taking over at my own cost.

https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/rohq46/100_foss_smartphone_hardening_nonroot_guide_40/ or https://lemmy.ml/post/128667 https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/xrjpxh/the_definitive_computing_guide_linuxwindows/ or https://lemmy.ml/post/511377 https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/ug9qnc/writeup_criticism_of_rprivacyguides_grapheneos/ or https://lemmy.ml/post/253518

Stood for the correct things when most of the people in the world became liars and grifters. Helped people come out of depression during COVID, and aided them.


deleted by creator


Like licking the sphincter?


I think it is important trying to understand a bit of the universe, its timeline… that we can only know so far as we can observe it… that truth for any human depends on the human factor, the observer. That logic is a Aristotelean thing people just accept to this day and we happen to use it everywhere. That whatever happens, in the end we have the whole universe, multiverse? … that this all in someway is insignificant. And we seemingly have causality, laws of the universe… why there is something rather than nothing. What we feel all chemical reactions. Everythings natural, and maybe it is all deterministic. So trying to understand.

So if someone chooses to go too early, it is sad if this conscient being did not look the universe this way beforehand.

Help destroying capitalism

Genuinely, how so?

Shitposting online

Debated more NATO shills on Lemmy

Cared for and tended endangered ecosystems.

Comitted to helping another person find themself. Not guiding, not shaping, just helping with the only motive being that their life satisfaction increases.


Visited the Amazon rainforest. I hope both me and the Amazon stay alive long enough to visit again

agitate people who are more receptive to agitation, not just random shithead liberals who say something awful.

a handy checklist to gauge general agitatibility in the US, try to get several boxes checked, the more the better

  • not white
  • works for a living (not software development)
  • disabled / lumpen / down and out / chronic health issues
  • has been to prison or jail
  • rides public transit
  • not strongly committed to liberalism (e.g. non voters, apolitical, non organizing leftists, some conservatives)
  • not a homeowner
  • no habit of consuming US propaganda (TV news, Rogan, NY Times/WSJ if not in New York)

I’m iffy on a lot those but not black and white

drugs… i would have been an insufferable lib if i’d never tried a drug in my life

You mean drugs or psychedelics?


Learn an instrument. Met a lot of amazing people and had a lot of amazing experiences in band.

  • Forgave and mostly forgotten bad people
  • Achieved some sort of stable structure of my mind
  • Embraced my own life with love and compassion
  • Accepted imminent and possibly quite unpleasant end of life
  • Made other people laugh and have a good time
  • Successfully predicted improbable events in uncertain times
  • Enjoyed company of you, people 😅

got born? nah, i glad I learned its all a game of hide and seek and i am just fooling myself

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