Usually people talk about the US and its vassals warring with Russia and China. But it seems to me that a war between the US and Europe is not out of the question. Any thoughts on this?

The idea is to export neoliberalism and create conditions in Europe similar to global south countries. And the US may have a set of conpradore leaders in Europe.

The european people are being sold out by their elite and in very serious near imperialism terms. Gonna have to sit and watch and figure out how it’s going to play out.

If imperialism tightens its grip in Europe, I can easily see the rise of fascist movements gaining political power (again). Hopefully, radical left will gain traction too.

All of the “world wars” were actually just European wars that stretched into the colonies. The concept of a “world war” is predominately western-centric.

But, regardless, if there was to be a third world war it would have to include the US as one of the major contributors. And it would, very likely, include both Russia and China on the other side.

Any war in Europe will be a NATO-Russian war, there’s little reason (as of the current) for EU countries to go to war with each other. There’s also little reason for the US to go to war with any of the EU countries, as they’re functionally satellites of the US (because of post-war investments the US made in Europe). If the US wants something in Europe, all they have to do is ask the right people. There’s no reason for them to lead a colour revolution or a coup there, so there’s no reason for tensions to be raised. The only remaining European country that’s a valid target for US aggression is Russia, and it’s likely the empire will swing wildly in Russia’s direction while it falls.

A third European war would not benefit Europe in the least, only the US and potentially the eastern powers. So it’s very unlikely that the European bourgeois class will support any aggression within their sphere, especially aggression from one of those beneficiaries.

I dont think this will happen as the bourgeoise in power in europe has plenty to gain from the status quo and everything to lose to fight america.

what are they gonna do about the natural gas though

Nothing. They will say it’s Russia that did it to save face.

It doesnt matter because the bourgeoise at the top will get theirs and live in a nice gated mansion with all the gas they could ever need or just leave to vacation in the bahamas or something

The Polish MEP celebrated the destruction of Nord Steam by thanking the US. Europeans will celebrate going back to pre industrial economy for Ukraine because they are cucks.

Maybe later in a few decades.

For now, the US could attempt to prolong its own existence by cannibalizing its vassals.

Arthur Besse

Yeah, maybe Antony Blinken is actually right when he says it is in no one’s interest to confirm what happened to Nord Stream. 😱

“I started a new war today.”

“Confrontation with capital or another struggle within capitalism for global dominance.”

“Conflict between capital…”

i definitely believe that ww3 will happen at some time in the near future. it might be between the US and Europe. the US and it’s vassals warring with Russia and China will happen in this second cold war for sure.

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