Really fucking funny tbh, I really was disliking how all non-ML spaces got drowned by lib and neolib brigaders. Also, phone-banned in Twitter, so can’t even create an account there either. Its lemmygrad, discord and telegram for me. Probably for the best.

If you remember Franfran2424 or WatermelonErdogan accounts, I wish you all the best, and hope we will have a good time together

I was banned from this website for saying “Death to Nazis”.

“dont call for death!!!”

I got an alt banned on reddit once for calling a conservative cartoonist a fascist. No 3 day ban, no message from the mods, nope I was kicked off the entire site. Apparently “fascist” has the same weight for liberals and cons as the N-word does for people like me.

Probably got mass-reported as “hateful and threatening violence” or some admin felt particularly insulted. They really have thin skin.

Libs have this weird anger towards saying that fascists must die

“They were just poor conscripts, and if they weren’t we still can’t fall to their level”

KiG V2

I actually remember having a big argument in real life with a liberal over “If you saw Hitler walking down the street, would you shoot him?” It devolved to such insanity that they were basically saying if an axe murderer was about to kill them and their entire family that they would do nothing on the moral principle “killing is never okay.” I can’t decide which option is worse, that they’re full of shit and making themselves look like a dipshit just to maintain disagreement with me, or that they’re being truthful and that they would actually sacrifice themselves and their loved ones (or in the case of Hitler, millions and millions and millions of people) for the sake of some stupid, dogmatic, inherently hollow moral precept that they violate everyday just by virtue of existing as an American.

“for the sake of some stupid, dogmatic, inherently hollow moral precept that they violate everyday just by virtue of existing as an American.”

This is an absolutely 🔥 slam 👏

Honestly, we’re watching a handful of billionaires destroy the entire planet and every family in it, and people still think non-violent protest is the only acceptable solution. So it was probably argued in all earnestness.

non-diegetic screams

deleted by creator

Of course they do, the Department of Education says so, so it must be true, right?

KiG V2

Pain in my brain

KiG V2

Careful on the Discord, some mods there are, shall we say a bit power trippy lol

That’s just discord mods lelmao. Got kicked of a EU sub I ghosted because I once commented and they started calling me a Mao apologist for bringing up that people aren’t literally genocided on China. Hey, least uninformed and most tolerant euromods.

Yeah, left because of that. It also is only useful for short conversations, and not for actual discussions.

KiG V2

I was wondering why I saw very little overlap between users here and there (although I’m sure some people use different names and pfps), I figured maybe I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

I did like it as a tool for DMing, DMing on here can be difficult.

I got banned for posting Azov members with pictures of Hitler, swastikas (next to the nato flag) and brainwashing little children on r/ukraine

Yikes. Banned form some sub or suspended form reddit as a whole? I mean suspended, and all accounts on my email suspended too (yeah, my bad, I was lazy)

I’ve been completely IP banned from Reddit meaning I can’t create new accounts and all my older accounts are banned too

I’m waiting for GenZedong to be banned eventually and delete all my posts and account and escape from that god forsaken website, I’m still there just for GenZedong and r/shitliberals say, couple of other non-political subs more or less.

I’m on it since late 2019 but didn’t participate until last year and saw it how it degrades from average cancer to a, I don’t even know what to call it anymore.

I can change IPs and email. I think it was an email ban mostly, some accounts I have not used in months were banned.

But pretty sure if I accessed from my backup email and laptop, and my university WiFi, they wouldn’t know ever. I’m just not passing through those hoops for fucking reddit.

I will try to create the account to stalk some reddit mods (mod lists private for unregistered users) and maybe rarely engage in leftist subs with ultra soft comments.

I honestly don’t see any reason in even bothering trying to create a new one. All that’s gonna happen is me getting mad at some random liberals spitting out the most oddest thing, or having to see propaganda all day.

That’s why I planned to limit myself to leftist subreddits. I also post in some gaming subreddits that are kinda important.

I was banned for saying the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. This seems to be reddit’s official policy now to consider Nazis a protected group more worthy of protection that the likes of black or trans people for instance.

I made a poll on a sub with “shooting a nazi” as an option and I got banned for 3 from reddit

A CIA-directed website defending fascists? Color me shocked

You leave me hanging OP, what weapon are you talking about?

QBZ-95 or 97 of a female unit of the Chinese Army. Bullpup, a real beauty of a gun, like the FAMAS. I love bullpup designs.

If you like that kind of guns, you will like the experimental AK–45 for sure.

Wouldn’t want to offend those brave Ukrainian fighters.

Reddit in a few years will become the new 4chan

The opposite actually. 4chan is constantly monitored by the feds to catch criminals and terrorists, Reddit encourages their behavior as long as it’s directed against “the enemy”

nah, it’s even worse. the people who started reddit had close ties to 4ch & 8ch, reddit already is a chan, they just sold it out. they still run campaigns to funnel people to other more extremist neo-nazi networks

its 4chan for liberals


it already is

It’s just 4chan without the n-word

Yeah they just have every other slur going strong to make up for it.

Take a look at any political meme page and you’ll see it already has, it just somehow also convinced otherwise ostensibly normal people to post a huge amount of their porn on their platform which I’m convinced is what’s keeping it afloat at this point.

The only decent subreddits at this point are AskHistorians, which demands you show actual credentials for answering and only allows high-level detailed answers, and IdiotsInCars, which actively tries to steer clear of politics. Otherwise it’s a shit show.

Not even political memes. Mention Russia or China and they will throw themselves at your yugular.

KiG V2

Holy shit you just gave me my dream wiki. Wtf I have like shit to do and now I’m gonna be wasting evenings thinking about this shit

Wow what a fucking read. Cambridge analitica, Atlantic Council, Reddit. That hog really likes the mud.

Lmao reddit can’t even pretend to be impartial at this point.

I blame all the USG in its power admin staff. It’s like 4chan wearing the red white and blue, instead of the beige and green.

Thing is at least 4chan had self awareness. Reddit genuinely thinks it has the right take and that level of delusion and chauvinism baffles me.

True. Redditors think they are in some elite media where people are generally well informed and there’s conservative/communist brigades. They’re just generally liberals.

Agrewd. However i will say calling them Liberals implies they understand their own flawed system when I don’t even think they understand that. Just clowns who read a few newspaper articles and regurgitate the lines to take like good little robots utterly obvious to the mechanisms that manufacture their consent.

I think Reddit libs dont even bother reading news articles that aren’t on r/worldnews

Which just so happen to be the Daily Mail, Telegraph, CNN, BBC etc. I remember telling people on reddit that the BBC shouldn’t be trusted because rampant transphobia, war propaganda, corruption and being a LITERAL GOVERNMENT MOUTH PIECE and the fucking copium was intense. No wonder these people are brain dead.

If liberals understood the system and took a non hypocritical position they would be conservatives or socialists. By definition, they want to believe the system can work, when it’s clear it doesn’t.

Agree again! However aren’t conservatives still just liberals but right wing leaning? Would it be better to say if liberals understood their system then their very system would cease to function as their base filtered towards fascism or socialism respectively?

Touché. I would say “liberals” as a self-identified position usually don’t mean it to say classical liberalism, they are neoliberals. But conservative liberalism does exist, outside of fascism. They know the system causes inequality even for people of the same country/ethnicity, and they’re totally on board with it.

Comrade Luigi ✊️

Reggaelator Demoman

Yeah, that is significantly more disturbing/terrifying all things concerned.

Ratette (she/her)

Education, what hast thou donst (or not donst to be more accurate).

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