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I know, but it’s a tecnical information that its now online. There are also a lot of alternatives out there which are free to use, like Nightcafe, also very good or even Dall-E (the first) or better Craiyon, completly free and some others which you can find in AlternativeTo. There is also ArtBreeder (no is text2image, it works in another manner), which is also paid, but permits a free use, but limit the up or downloads of images to mix, but there are a lot of images you can use for source and instead of download, well, use simply a screenshot ;)

Just make it open source and self-hostable. Then you don’t have to waste server time for people requesting sus pictures of amogus!

Dall-e and Craiyon are OpenSource and free to use, while Dalle2 is paid proprietary soft (well. not very expensive anyway). There are currently a lot of text to image AI services out there, some free and others paid soft, like Nightcafe, Deepdream generator, Dreamstudio, Wombo Art, etc. I think that in the future with this AI hype there would be a lot more AI apps and services. Currently I use an AI search assistant, still in alpha but works like a charm, apart it’s the most private search engine I know, no ads, no trackers and a own Reader mode for websites that permits to read the page without the need to enter.

I’ve been playing with stable diffusion and got some really fun results. Here are a few of my favorites:

and a few more abstract ones

these look amazing, what was the prompt ?

Oh here are a few I tried to get the pics above. Each time you run it something new comes out, but they have a certain common feel to them based on the prompt.

  • a face made of golden hour, spitting acid, Lightpainting, Tom Bagshaw, abstract, Set in the Rocky Mountains
  • A cat portrait in space, nebula by Dan Mumford and Umberto Boccioni, oil on canvas
  • celestial crow with a nebula background by Guweiz and Dan Mumford, oil on canvas
  • a woman hiding in the shadows on a ruined world, futuristic post-apocalyptic vibe, all the streets are on fire and smoke, humble philosopher

this site has a lot of fun prompts to try, and I find recombining them can get really neat results

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