Look up the dollar milkshake theory for a more in depth of how fucked everything is.

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Because the US acts like the mafia to the Middle East.
US: “Sell oil in dollars and we’ll give you protection.”



Shortest video I could find on the theory.

Most of the losers here are heavily effected by the price of energy rising due to The War™. I’m not sure about Canada though.

KiG V2

Sometimes being the loyal henchmen of the Big Bad blows up in your face…

I hope the elite of these countries pay their dues as much as the American ruling class, but I would rather such conditions just lead to the common populations protesting and getting the countries to jump ship. Perhaps the first imperial core revolutions will have to take place in the US’s vassals.

They’re happening in Latin America as we speak. A new American century is forming in the South. There is too much to even list. The world is turning it’s back on the West. Sure enough because of this Europe will see revolution, leaving North America standing alone.

and while the dollars of the vassals diminish in value, favours in exchange for the emperor’s dollars becomes more attractive.

The more they tank their kin, the more power they wield.

Are there some experts in monetary policies here?
Our currency (Mexican peso) hasn’t been getting destroyed compared to the dollar as opposed to those countries in the graph, I wonder why that may be?


Very well could be a part of the dollar milkshake theory. It’s something to look into. Idk how reliant Mexico is on the dollar. What industries they import and export to/from plays an important role.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve looked into it, and it sure looks like the theory is being tested right now.

As for how reliant we are on the dollar: Extremely. The US is our main trading partner by far and as most countries we export more than we import, in 2021 it was $385 Billions worth of exports and $276 Billion on imports according to this.

Our biggest exports are: Cars, computers, unrefined oil, agriculture products, and machinery/parts.
And imports: Oil derivatives, cars, computers/electronics, machinery/parts.

Global shit is happening constantly right now, it’s exhausting as fuck.


It’s exciting. There’s hope for the first time. That hope isn’t a slim chance, a fatal effort. It’s a historical imperative. The chains of history have broken loose thus the world is sliding immutably into a new order.

It’s incredibly exciting, I love that after decades of western hegemony, stuff is finally starting to happen but I certainly wouldn’t mind a vacation for two weeks here or there lol 😂

Seems like those weeks where decades happen are getting closer and closer

Amazing how different the perspective can be

Meh. USD is in big inflation too. Kinda sucks for me, I used USD as the standard unit for conversion for my military analysis of exports of planes that I did in 2019. Ever since 2020, I have been postponing updating it due to really unstable conversion rates/dollar inflation, and I think I will just stick to measure everything in 2019 US dollars and convert modern units to those.

Part of why this is happening is the central bank raising interest rates in the US because of that inflation. When it looks like it’s going to get more and more expensive to hold dollars in the future, the dollar is bought up a lot, forcing other currencies out. This and the energy crisis the US created is forming a combined effect to destroy those currencies. It makes the dollar stronger internationally, while doing very little to address domestic pricing problems.


Tbh the Japanese Yen has been undergoing some instability since before Covid, so it’s not exactly new, but damn has it gotten worse. Apparently it had something to do with the disparity between American (higher and rising) and Japanese(super low) interest rates and their trade or something. I’ll look more into it, hol up


the US won’t last another five years

I give it until 2030, maybe sooner

I am crossing all of my fingers and toes

Let’s just hope it won’t drag the rest of us along

non-diegetic screams

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Ratette (she/her)

🤞 seconded

Du skal til Slagelse

why u keep speaking Denmarkian at me

and Yandex doesn’t even recognize that last word

Idfk. Also Slagelse is a name

that would explain it

Wtf I’m French and I NEVER heard that Macron called NATO brain-dead. I was persuaded that Macron was pro-US to the point of jokingly theorising he was a CIA puppet. However I’m pretty sure this is his less discussed claim because if he isn’t, our corporate media definitely is totally aligned on the US interests.

It’s crazy how Hudson fucken called it right at the start of the war. It’s almost like learning from materialism…has material effects.

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