Just look at the numbers of votes. According to current lib logic, it certainly means that the referendum was throughly manipulated and invalid.

What living under global oligarchy does to mfers…

Arthur Besse

Norway is weird. Immediately after people voted overwhelmingly to separate from sweden, the norwegian parliament asked a danish prince if he would please move to norway and be their new monarch.

The prince was like, bro, are you sure you guys don’t want to be a republic now? So a couple months later they had another referendum in which 78% voted that, yes, they really wanted danish prince carl to be king… so he accepted. His grandson is still king of norway today.

“It went too easy, now we have to shoot ourself in the foot to balance karma”

  • Norwegians, 1905

“We already got Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg, might as well accept it’s all gonna be downhill from here”

Cucked so hard they wanted a new monarch.

Deer Tito (She/Her)

On a related note, I find it strange that Norway celebrates the signing of the constitution (17. May 1814), and not the dissolution of the union with Sweden in 1905.

Only 184 against?! Clearly rigged, Norway is internationally-recognized as part of Sweden.

What do you mean most people there are Norwegian and want self-determination? That doesn’t matter!!! Ära till Sverige!!!


If even one person doesn’t want it, you shouldn’t get to become a country.

lib logic

But also if the result is anything more than about 60/40 there’s a suspiciously high vote count for the winning side.

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