Would be impressive for someone who hasn’t won a single war against 100 times weaker enemies since WW2

3000 million xenomorphs???

Just by spawning ten of them every hour at random places in each of the top 100 biggest US cities (24k daily), between the chaos and disruption, it would be done.

I can keep that rate for 342 years with 3000 million beings, but I think in one year they would be done. Give me 10 million xenomorphs and I can end the USA.

Hell, I can drop some in the biggest military bases and totally disrupt military response. One per plane (acid blood), I only need 10k xenomorphs and the USAF is gone

Drop about 50 xenomorphs on a single navy ship and it would be EXACTLY the scenarios that are in the movies. Cramped, tight spaces.

You could probably take NYC with about 50k xenomorphs. They’re not mindless beasts. They’re super intelligent space ninjas that are born to be pure weapons. Even their deaths are dangerous.

Outside the cities, it’s forests. Plenty of cover and opportunity for deadly night fighting. Also consider the breeding with local fauna. I mean… A xenomorph Grizzly would be fucking horrible.

Yup. Fully agree about the ship thing. Enclosed spaces, fee weapons, that’s a death sentence, but I operated on the idea that delivery vectors need to be relatively simple, and my objective was long standing and unstoppable damage.

50k in NYC is about my estimated 240 a day for 200 days. I kind of planned it as a long term area denial operation, nowhere to hide and later come back when xenos disperse.

Get this person 10 million xenomorphs!

what is a xenomorph?

An alien from the alien film series.

non-diegetic screams

deleted by creator


3 billion? The entire US army has roughly 1 million members, it would require every single soldier and active duty member to kill an AVERAGE of 3000 aliens for this to be even within the realm of possibility.

And that includes all the cooks, musicians, medics, drivers, ALL to kill 3000 on average. WTF


+Don’t forget all the acid blood when they kill 1

lmao imagine thinking that the US would win

Ermmm excuse Keegan, reality is at the door 🚪 would you like to let them in?

A 12 year old wrote the question and a 13 year old answered

other way around i think

If a tiny virus that mimicked the effects of the flu (but worse and more dangerous for your health) broke out in the US, who would win?

This is what I think every time these questions get answered.

6 hours just like in half life

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