Which is an ironic thing considering America itself bought helicopters from Russia what are they going to do? sanction themselves now? The bill hasn’t been passed (yet) but it was earlier just a call from Marco Rubio I want to hear your opinions on the matter, do y’all think it’ll escalate any further?

Also, it’s interesting they want to do it now after blowing up that Nord pipeline.

They can mess with Morocco, they made it their puppet a long time ago, but it will be a lot harder with Algeria considering the size and strength! 🇩🇿

Well they couped Imran Khan for it. The rest of the world just needs to team up

To add to what the others have said already, I think it’s also a general strategy to turn Russia into a “toxic active” so to speak. Not only are we getting sanctioned, but so does everyone doing business with us as well. Look at the newest pack of sanctions - we’re getting on the level of Iran and DPRK.

In addition, those who can’t buy Russian weapons will be buying USian or European ones, which serves the interests of the western MIC - one of the main profiteers of the current Ukraine war.

As for the helicopters - it’s only hypocrisy if others do it, when western politicians do it it’s “pragmatism”, “Realpolitik” or some other such junk.


sounds like the US found a new country to destabilize.

It seems like The MuriKKKans just found a new third-world arab country to steal oil and bombed it to ruins 🤢

Guess libya, iraq, syria and yemen wasnt enough. Algeria be strong, Resist Us Imperialism 👍 🇩🇿

You always need someone to be bombed. Can’t bomb the same place twice too, it just doesn’t work out well for the market.

So far,unavailable

Can’t wait to be in the next call of duty game

Are they gonna sanction the entire world and isolate themselves in a corner? sounds like a recipe for collapse.

KiG V2

Looks like it. Unfortunately I believe it will be even darker before the dawn but in the long run the empire is doing nothing but sowing its own destruction as it continues with the same M.O.

Yes, just coincidentally another gas supplier to Europe - the third largest no less.

At this point they might as well just admit to the nordstream sabotage, their actions are so obvious.

So far,unavailable

Dw, civilization and progression will warm them up

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