Now let’s snap back to reality - ukronazis go Gestapo on civilians in reoccupied territories.

Case closed.

Now where have I seen this language before?

I’m interested in what exactly he means by “treated as uncivilized.”

Genocided. He means genocided.

“Superior races and inferior races, the inferior races have to be servants of the superior races” - himmler or some ukronazi, idk.


I know we’re all joking about the US but can we talk about how alarming it is that the concept of an “uncivilized human” has just rocketed back out into the open? That people are just brazenly admitting to thinking like this?

Ukraine is a perfect storm for bringing Nazism back into fashion: Take a majority white, European nation, pit them against an other that you’ve been training people to hate and fear for decades and then invent a bunch of fake stories about how evil the other is and what horrible things they’ve been doing to the cute, innocent white people in the aformentioned nation. Boom! We’re at WW2 levels of patriotic fervor…for a country none of us even live in.


“uncivilized human”

That term should only be applied to Brits and Yankees

Post 1991 Ukriane has always been letting nazis take the spotlight and spread their speech.

Slavery is back on their menu boys.

If this was happening under Trump there would be articles everywhere about how he’s enabling and normalizing the far-right; but since it’s a wholesome Democrat on the chair, sshhhhhh.

Bury the Right

This feels like the kind of dialogue that a good writer would give to a villain that is meant to be universally hated and have zero redeeming qualities.

I’d say, you don’t need to be a good writer to create someone that comically bad. That’s the cheesiest villain I can creatively come up with if I’m getting lazy with my story writing exercises.

plot twist, they’re talking about the United States

I was thinking the same thing. Hahha

If Ukraine had nukes, they would be lighting Russia the fuck up right now. Not even military targets, they’d be shooting straight for population centers.

As they have done in Donetsk for 8 years

I wonder why I am reading this like Himmler spoke in this language…

So does r/Ukraine treat the US as uncivilized?

I highly doubt that they do.

US doesn’t “invade” they “intervene” which is cool and awesome and based.


Only while the invasion is happening, when the invasion stops, they go back to civilized status /s

“Civilized rules of the free world”

He means juche, right? Right?

“In the golden age, Korea was a lamp that lit all of Asia. Let that lamp but be lit once more, and it will illumine the entire earth.”

I agree we should immediately remove Japan, UK, and the US from the “civilized” category

I am willing to bet that they are not, in fact, a stable boy, unless we’re talking about horse stables

“relatively civilized, relatively European”

Who are these punchable looking people?

It’s a screenshot from the film RRR. The characters are George V Windsor and Victoria Mary Teck, but they have different names in the film.


When I watched this movie I did not expect what I got but fuck I was not disappointed! Loved this film!

deleted by creator


Holy shit what a loser

Some people call those ‘‘our brothers’’ just because we are same ethnic group…

Also agree on that one, USA nor it’s puppets are not civilized by any means

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