Tor Statistics: Every day, approximately 100,000 people download the Tor browser from the Tor site. Tor contains more than 145,000 circuits.

yeah clickbait title and the article itself pointing on some fact that might some readers find a bit shocking, all the bulletpoints got sources out from the page. its lowering a quality of it, they could at least hyperlink it.

anyways, important message here for all of those lemmy users who called me a fbi agent cause i point on tor to be controled and monitored by authorities long time ago. As menrioned in article, they know exact portions of malicious activities, exact portions of dark web routed cross tor, they know precise statistics. How is that is simp asking himself? Cause is all rigged, i have been telling this long time, dont fcking use tor if you wanna hide yourself. those proxies, bridges are not in your control, you are not even able to know what other sw is running on the machines used for bridges. this is just a tip of iceberg. sit down and search web for infos and facts, some of them might be true and give you at least a bit of the bigger picture.

sincerely, your fbi agent, and i forgot … best is to use tor in combination with vpn, fckn idiots

they know precise statistics. How is that is simp asking himself?

They just need one exit node?


one or all?

Just one. The traffic gets randomly routed through the nodes. Gather your stats over a single exit node and you’ve got your stats for the whole network. The longer you gather your stats over the node the closer they are to the precise stats for the whole network.

Just like you can poll 1000 random people and have a good, almost accurate, guess who’s the entire country gonna vote for.

best is to use tor in combination with vpn

would the VPN not be able to see your traffic with this ?

Internet>VPN>Tor configuration basically just replaces your current ISP with the VPN provider. If the VPN provider is trustworthy and not compromised, this would conceal Tor usage and add an extra ‘hop’.

Internet>Tor>VPN adds an extra hop at the end. If the VPN is acquired in a way that your identity is totally concealed, this can add a bit extra security and make the internet more functional because most Tor exit nodes are banned.

Either way the answer is yes. Also let’s be honest with ourselves, if one adversary has compromised all 3 Tor nodes in a circuit (or 6 in the case of onion services), they compromised your VPN too. If that’s your threat model, you should probably just be using synchronous encryption and a USB stick taped to a pigeon.


lol, clapping with my hands

For example, it might only cost $17,000 each month to route traffic to all 12 of the Tor bridges now in use. According to Tor statistics, if the same scenario plays out with all 38 bridges (assuming those currently offline are brought back online), the monthly cost could be $31,000. Later, researchers claimed that launching DDoS attacks on TorFlow servers may cost as little as $2,800 per month.

Not big fan of the click bait title

Neither am I, but it’s a pretty decent article. Straight to the point with more details later.

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