Ukraine flag strikes again.

My friend used to always say during school “when you get your first paycheck you’ll stop being a socialist”. Until he started working… he’s now a socialist.

Glad he unclowned himself

I met a libertarian once who likes Henry George. He told me organ selling and child labour are justified, great things. Recently, in light of Russian operation, he told me NATO is a defensive organisation, and argued Putin must be killed. He also called me a tankie.

I kept calm for the most part because he is an American teenager.

I kept calm for the most part because he is an American teenager.

That’s not much of an excuse. I am a teenager born and living in the US. I am also an ML. Before becoming an ML, I never really thought about ideology, but I was anti-capitalist because I realized before I was even a teenager that the incentive structure of capitalism must lead to misery because it prioritizes capital over everything.

Let us just say you either lucked out, or had natural tendencies towards striving for the greater good and equality since childhood. You probably do not realise what all fell in order for you to reach here.

You probably do not realise what all fell in order for you to reach here.

You’re right, that’s probably true

There are many factors that have to play together for someone in this environment of misinformation and sensory overload to become an ML. You were anti-capitalist, yes, but only because you were interested in political economics by curiosity or necessity; AND in a position to either reason or experience by force the fact that there is a fundamentally dangerous and unsustainable element to our society; AND that at its core the nature of this element is concrete, material, and economic rather than diffuse, metaphysical and cultural-political.

Then you became a communist by realising that this element is an inextricable part of the capitalist system; AND learning what dialectics are; AND understanding the shape of the aforementioned element as a dialectical contradiction between the forces of circulation and accumulation; AND seeing how other contradictions, such as those underlying imperialism and fascism, follow logically from it.

Then you became an ML by realising that the only way to resolve these contradictions is to establish a workers’ state; AND that state will eventually turn out to be a council republic with some sort of democratically planned economy; AND that to protect this state, it is necessary to instantly build up the means of production and defence during a transitory phase; AND that the way to do this cannot be dogmatic but must be specifically tailored to the material conditions of the country and age; AND (not for Gonzaloists or Hoxhaists) that China is finding its way right now and can be studied as a successful example.

Just the first step towards anti-capitalist leftism filters out the overwhelming part of society, as the default ideology in modern capitalism is liberalism. Not only that, but each step past that requires further learning still, and even when you have the time and energy to study enough to become a communist, personal experience with the military and police state can mess with you enough to make you ditch the notion of the transitory state and fall for the temptation of anarcho-communism. If someone is surrounded by people, institutions, and media they trust constantly indoctrinating them with liberal ideology, or have no one to guide them through that journey, no one with whom to learn together or to reach out to, then they are practically set up to drop out somewhere along the way and retreat.

Libertarians have no coherent beliefs.

Ah, libs

You’re a communist until you get your first paycheck, lmao

I’ve worked in a factory for twenty years, asshole, and I’m a communist, what do you say next?

You’re such a loser, lmao, find a better job, cattle.

A win-win position. If a person is a communist and does not work, it means that leftists are lazy fucks who want to sit on the hump of working citizens, if a communist works, then he is a loser and a cattle.

Relevant page of an otherwise pretentious comic

Don’t talk to people like that. Don’t give them an inch either or they will run a mile. First inch might even be to even have them know you are a leftist if it isn’t necessary. They think that’s permission to talk to you like they wouldn’t someone else.

As I like to say after having seen another comrade say something similar, “Never argue with someone John Brown would simply shoot.”

That’s assuming the liberal doesn’t snap at you five minutes in the situation for saying truth.

Welp, I didn’t participate in that conversation and shitlib got dunked later but thanks nonetheless.

I’m a union team lead at the factory and make plenty, in addition to my healthcare being provided for and access to numerous other resources. Experiencing the benefits of worker organizing has only made me more of a communist since I believe everyone should have the same - or better - benefits, protections, and privileges I have.

Not every communist has a ‘dead end’ job, there are many solidly working class jobs that pay well and have many benefits and protections, often due to the efforts of communists/socialists, and syndicalists before them. Even when I was working at a UAW (United Auto Workers) plant, during orientation, which was run by union guys, we had a portion which talked about the history of the UAW and they discussed how it was founded by communists. They went on numerous strikes and fought hard to get what we had at the plant. Cops fired into the crowd of strikers at one point even, so the strikers seized on of the plants and used the tools there to make improvised slingshots where they lobbed large chunks of metal and other plant materials at the pigs. The founders of the UAW were assassinated by the Mafia, hired by Ford Motors (yes, that Ford, the same Ford founded by Henry Ford, renowned jew hating eugenicist and inspiration for Hitler. The same company that was making light armored vehicles for the Nazis throughout the entire war).

Anyway, I digressed a bit, so I’ll stop here.

EDIT: Added content. ANOTHER EDIT: Added more content.

Something about 'murican ethnocentrist delusions, ig. Idk here’s an image of a dog:


Why do all these people assume we are 14? Chronic online behavior, maybe? Go outside maybe. Interact with actual marxists and see how many of them are tankies. Might surprise you.

They’re pedophiles. I’m not joking or exaggerating. No non-pedophilic person talks about wanting to dominate 14 year olds or has a deranged blind hatred for teenagers and kids that they think they can “correct” ideas by forcing themselves on kids.

I think that is reactionary exaggeration. When college seniors bully their junior freshers, do they become pedophiles? Or are parents pedophiles? Forcing your ideas is far more different than something like pedophilia.

You couid call someone like Zuckerberg a pedophile too, considering this happened.

I’m saying that its the same energy, and that I think that most parents at least somewhat care about their children, unlike reactionaries.

The analogy falls off in the case of fresher bullies though, they usually mean to either have fun, or to feed into the conscious of the fresher that they are lower in the college hierarchy. They are not pedophiles in any case.

Being specific about these things is important. Right wingers and their liberal acolytes find stuff like this for ammunition.

I get your point I just think that those people will find ammo anyway, and since it gets their dicks hard and pisses them off, might as well go full hog.

You are overestimating their abilities. They are like a house of cards.

There was this one neo Nazi yesterday, on a chatroom, when I said that pedophilia is strictly a fascist idea that flourishes on chans and has never been advocated in socialist circles, he had to reply with “Marx held that belief”. I ripped his BS apart.

And there’s also NAMBLA.

Thanks, I searched that. Now I have cancer and am contemplating why I was born on earth.

Fidel Castro once attended a meeting with Jean Paul Sartre, and Castro’s face was disgusted and apalled.

Apparently the meeting was a proposal to lower the age of consent in France.

Seanchaí (she/her)

Edit 2: Never fucking mind. I had been told that this was about making age of consent the same between gay and straight sex. And on the face of it, it was.

However half the fucking signatories wanted to abolish the age of consent altogether, in defense of three guys who r*ped a twelve year old. Jesus christ, this is bleak.

Sartre, Foucault, Deleuze, Aragon, and a bunch of other signatories on the proposal are a bunch of fucking perverts who wanted to abolish age of consent altogether because they believed grown ass men could “fall in love” with children. Fuck this. Fuck them.

Note: my original comment mentioned that the proposal was to make the age of consent for gay and straight sex equal (it was 15 for straight, 18 for gay), thus cayde’s reply, but I looked into it further and it’s disgusting. there were only a handful of people that cared about equal rights and a lot of people that cared about sleeping with children.

That is brain-twistingly frustrating but in a strange way its understandable.

Sometimes I wonder if the age of consent is too low at 18. Other times I wonder if its a tiny bit too high. I’ve read arguments that in a “perfect” world the age of consent would be 16, even though I think that would be kinda gross. At the same time I think early 20’s might be a bit too high.

I think there’s a lot to be said about the age of the participants. Like, we can’t pretend that teenagers don’t have sex. They do. But they shouldn’t be having sex with people in their twenties. Not because the teenagers are wrong, but because the people in their twenties are wrong for wanting to sleep with teenagers.

That’s why a lot of laws take a view of age of consent that also considered the age gap between the participants.

Of course, Romeo and Juliet laws and age gap exceptions and the like are important.

I searched on Searx, and I see this detail nowhere. Where can I find it?

I might have seen it on Lemmygrad a few weeks/months ago.

Projection maybe?

Spoken like someone who’s never left their office space

There are communists in office spaces as well, both with decent office jobs and shit office jobs.

But I doubt they’re saying goofy shit like this

Oh no, they’d be the ones calling out non-communists in office spaces for saying goofy shit

That’s exactly what creates labour struggle and uprisings and is the reason social democracy was created. Do these people ever think before opening their mouths god damn?

Do these people ever think


I didn’t have a job when I was 14 and now I’m a tankie – flawless argument


I did have a job when I was 14 and I’m still a tankie. Checkmate.

I was playing checkers and you were playing 8D chess, wow

See ukraine flag, disregard opinion

Ukraine flag to me is like ❌ mark against account. Immediately invalidated opinions on anything other than technology.

Why tech?

Technology generally lacks politics. You will find most of the toxic politics in technology sphere amongst Western code developers (C good Rust bad) and privacy advocates (USA = privacy, freedom).

I work in tech and can say tech people can and do get very political, including with the tech itself. How often I need to try to debunk my co-workers misconceptions about… well… the world… it’s exhausting.

Also, privacy advocates aren’t usually saying USA = good. They are usually very suspicious of the US, or any government, almost to a conspiratorial level. Many are libertarians or conservative liberals/Trump folks who dislike basically any government anything.

Even the code written by developers holds the biases of the company within it. Where data is sent and received from, how algorithms feed information to people, who hold backdoors and who are the primary clients of a tech entity, it is all politics.

Many are libertarians or conservative liberals/Trump folks who dislike basically any government anything.

You will see them calling Snowden traitor and Assange a Russian agent, on first sight. Cory Doctorow and friends did something really bad to Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu as far as privacy is concerned.

What you describe are nuances that go a lot deeper. Nuances where algorithms may favour white males, backdoors that lead to 5/9/14 Eyes and Mossad, encryption key holders that are more than just the ones public are told, ideologies that make up the core of companies whose products we use and so on.

You will see them calling Snowden traitor and Assange a Russian agent, on first sight. Cory Doctorow and friends did something really bad to Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu as far as privacy is concerned.

During my time as a class traitor in military intelligence it was usually those folks I was surrounded with then who were referring to Snowden and Assange as traitors and spies and so forth. I was in during the height of all that. However, most privacy advocates praise them, and in some cases further their causes by involving themselves in the Linux open-source world, the EFF, Tor, Privacy International, decentralized application development, etc.

EFF was silent during Cambridge Analytica. Amnesty is known for its funny shenanigans. There are a lot of things that go in, it works like spaghetti.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I never said nor meant to imply any sort of structure or effectiveness from the various privacy advocacy orgs, just that many tend to be distrustful of the government.

The fact that you can see these things distinctly is already a sign you know what is going on. It’s all cool.

Someone didn’t learn about 19th century America and the labor movement, because this is exactly how you create labor radicals.

Because… they wouldn’t have time to read?

Works with adults

What a take 😮‍💨

I was a shitlib until I started working. I have a good job, but I didn’t always, and there were many lower-paid workers at my companies who didn’t have it so good. And even they have it better than most people of imperialized countries. I think it all comes down to having a little bit of empathy.

My jobs when I were younger were awful. Terrible working conditions for minimum wage. Poor people work way harder than the rich.

How did they land on 14 specifically? Because I’ve seen that number all over the place lately, across various social networks.

And I’ve been a 14-year-old tankie going on 18 years now I guess.

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