What is your opinion on Vietnam?

Fake socialism because I don’t like it!!!😡😡😡😡


Big L from Deng but not revisionist imo

I don’t think so either, just a really bad era full of utterly dipshit moves coming out of China foreign policy-wise. They supported anti-communists regularly in Africa because Soviets were supporting communists. Just dumb as hell, anti-internationalist pro-Amerika shit.

I didn’t know that! To me it seems that if the necessity of the reform back then is now proven, it is also real that there is a rightist tendency of the CPC who took a lot of importance after the Mao era. But truly it shows the resilience of the CPC in the face of great challenges, especially now that Xi Jinping is bringing balance back

Had China maintained a better stance of solidarity during those times the USSR might still be around. Of course this is “what if” and not our material reality. Deal with the hand we’re dealt I suppose.


Friendly people, hot country, amazing food, great nature, based anti-imperialist

On a more serious note, it’s a country with problems as any country has problems. But at least they try to follow their own socialist ideology to solve the problems and to move forward. Preaching to the choir here but Luna Oi has good informational videos on how things are done in Vietnam. I hope they can overcome their struggles now and in the future and continue on their path towards communism.


Doi Moi reforms were necessary and successful, although I personally have a bittersweet to sour taste in my mouth regarding privatization measures that lead to suffering and an increase in wealth disparity, it might be my dogmatism or the former maoist in me talking. The necessity of market reforms, I feel, are just an unfortunate reality of the modern neoliberal age. However, their union representation is utterly huge and private business can only have like 4 employees without legally requiring a union. It’s also very obvious that the CPV cares about its people and remains a mass movement with wide-ranging support. I wish they got along better with China, but there is heated history there and it looks like their relationship is changing for the better.

Insert caveat about westerners’ opinions on socialist projects etc etc. Luna Oi is my major source on all things Vietnam and I trust her info and support for the CPV.

Neutral-positive on it, like every AES country. Still pretty based tho. Bonus points for kicking the US’s ass out of their turf for a small nation.

Oh welcome back, it’s been months since we’ve last heard from you lol.

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Haha, it been a rough year for me. I am glad you still remember me comrade! I thought everyone here forget me already. Anyways, nice to see you again brother!


Why are the food administrations so lax on food poisoning? Isn’t food one of Vietnam’s speciality exports?

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