zelensky may be getting the nobel peace prize, what an oxymoron


I mean Obama turned the Middle East to glass and still got one. Who cares about that prize?

You’re right, prizes like these and even the Oscar’s technically don’t mean anything. But to the people who haven’t reached class conscious (too many people unfortunately) these prizes send a message that they lap up.

Muh peace.

Fucking shit. Just… Shit. This fella managed to top his aryan teachers. Let’s count his greatesr achievements:

  1. So scared of his own nazis going haywire that he turns into a nazi himself. Good job!

  2. Promises to end war with DPR and LPR, but instead tips off Russia to the point of full scale invasion. Great job!

  3. When he starts losing runs to his western overlords crying and asks them to tick the final second of the Doomsday clock and bring the damn midnight. MAGNIFICENT.

Man of the year right here. I bet he’ll be topping all US and Europe newspaper ratings if we all don’t burn down in nuclear fires by that moment.

Assuming Europe still has newspapers by December

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