South Korea launched the domestically produced, Hyunmoo-2 missiles. On this occasion, one of the missiles malfunctioned and landed on one of its own air force bases.

Hit their own base (trying) to own the tankies. Kim Jong-Un must have telekinesis powers now in addition to necromancy.

“ROK” is the thinnest of all paper tigers. The puppet state would fall overnight without the backing of their Amerikan overlords.


Like, for real, how does this kind of thing even happen in 2022?

Juche Brain Manipulation waves > 5G

Here’s the thing, didn’t NK fire their rocket over Japan tho? And to my understanding most SK people don’t exactly have a favorable view of Japan, so why did they decide to retaliate (attempt)?

This article can provide some context:

ROK and Japan are both occupied by the US and both serve US interests on a military/political/economic level. ROK’s military officially falls under US command in wartime, for example. Dissenting public opinion in these nations is ignored in favor of US imperialist goals while consent for continued US occupation and a stronger alliance is continuously manufactured by portraying DPRK as “hostile” and “paranoid” whenever it responds with warning shots to the regular US-led military exercises designed to destroy it.

Puppets don’t have sentience.

DPRK’s missile was a response to joint military drills near DPRK by the US, South Korea, and Japan. These countries basically every single year do war games near DPRK simulating an invasion. While tensions may exist broadly among the people, Japan and South Korea are very united militarily, primarily because both countries are total US puppet states and their important in containing DPRK and China.

Its because for the DPRK nuclear capability is a matter of life and death against US imperialism. For the ROK, it is apparently nothing more than an obscene dick measuring contest.

as soon as this is common knowledge, i’m expecting conspiracy chumps to claim this is a cover-up of a DPRK attack

Well they do claim that Russia:

  1. Terror striked their allies in Donbass multiple times with missiles
  2. Bombed nuclear plant with the artillery apparently stationed in the same nuclear plant
  3. Sabotaged their own pipeline, move that is greatly beneficial to USA but detrimental to RF, which they subsequently declared to repair which will take great effort. Because Russia apparently can’t make a difference between flipping a switch and multibillion sabotage of their own interests.

So there is no denial outside of their abilities.

Their logic is mindbending

…yeah, the moment the earliest reports of explosions in South Korea came in the thought “Did those morons actually shoot themselves? No, they can’t be that stupid… They can’t be… But there’s no other explanation… Are they actually stupid?”

turns out they are

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