Stalin riding on a kulak’s back, I was searching for this article to do a “Inspect Element” and BAM, all outlets fixed the image for a literal bozo. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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‘Pelosi lovefest’ is the tenth circle of hell

It’s funny because from what I’ve heard Taiwanese people don’t really want US meddling with their issues either

SSR China

what taiwanese people think do not matter unless they have the might to back it up.

There is a way for them to be independent for sure though. They would have to remain militarily oppositional/neutral to the west. We are talking basically an independence that will avert them getting deleted by the PLA.

IF they dont see that arraingment as independence and that independence must necessarily mean having hostile military relations with China… Then frankly it aint worth the trouble in my view.

“what the native american people think do not matter unless they have the might to back it up.”

I think u should reconsider your stance the idea that might makes right is bullshit and any leftist should know that, if the people of Taiwan really wanted autonomy they should have it problem is they don’t surveys always show that most see themselves as Chinese.

Okay. Deal. Provided that the west becomes militatily ineffective in every single way that matters.

Good? They dont like that; then hopefully they understand the conditions of not existing.

There’s a difference between being autonomous and being a US military naval base.

Hopefully Taiwan isnt suicidally stupid. Yeah?

These aren’t natives. They are the overthrown Chinese government.
It would be similar to Canada, if Canada was still part of the UK, a socialist monarchy with Chinese military bases on them and they want the US back to the crown.
And then the UK would not consist of Wales, Scotland and England, but Lakota, Dakota and Nakota to begin with.

History matters. A Chinese invasion for annexation would be totally different than what happened in any of the colonization process of the Americas. Just like Russian x Ukraine. The history leading to the invasion matters too.

of course history matters but if a people see themselves as a people and want independence we should recognize that it isnt the case here but if it was the question would be more complicated than just “china good”

What people want can change and it’s never a good measure of anything in geopolitics. At the end of the day it’s a matter of who has the biggest stick and whether they want it to use it or not. The US and its vassals, have huge economic interest in Taiwan (electronic chips) and political too (weaken China), so China can’t do much, unless they want to risk a global crisis.

History matters. A Chinese invasion for annexation would be totally different than what happened in any of the colonization process of the Americas. Just like Russian x Ukraine. The history leading to the invasion matters too.

IIRC polls showed that less than a third wanted independence, only a tiny amount wanted reunification (i.e. one country one system), and most only wanted to maintain the status quo (ambigious with the PRC and ROC coexisting).

For some more context:

Ever since 1996 after the Chiang era when their pro-Japan puppet was elected, their education curriculum was changed to gradually influence the younger generations into believing that they were anything but Chinese. Many of them thanks to this believe themselves to be a higher class of human than mainlanders as they were under Japanese rule (same type of colonial brainwashing we still see in HK but not in Macau).

The current DPP leadership is a large influence in pushing the education “reforms” where some were pushing to rewrite the history of the ROC to begin in 1949 as opposed to 1912. To quote some of the more extreme comments from these people “why should we reunite with PRC, why not Japan or even India instead?”.

The most vocal types we see on the English speaking web are majority west-worshipping and also need to factor in the 1450 troll army that the DPP uses to flood the Chinese speaking space with this type of brainrot as well.

no, i agree in principle. ideally, tw and the mainland should peacefully settle their dispute, even if it means they’ll never reunify. but we both know that geopolitics does not work this way. and might does make right, or rather, right requires might. so does wrong.


I have never been to Taiwan, but I have had about 20 friends from Taiwan while studying in different places in the US and Europe. All of them considered themselves Taiwanese and did not consider Taiwan to be ‘really’ part of China, and they have told me that this view is shared by the people they know in Taiwan. The sample is of course small, and maybe the people that are able to study abroad belong to a non-representative group of people (upper/middle class?).

Is there anyone from Taiwan posting here that wants reunification? If so, why? Do you want Chinese politicians to have more control over Taiwanese politics? Or what type of relationship with China do you want? I am very curious.

from my experience in the US this is true as well. Remember that these people are Taiwanese that want to pursue closer ties with the West and that plenty of Taiwanese interact closely with the mainland in terms of business.


Yes, the sample I have interacted with would likely be western-biased. I suppose that even the english-speaking Taiwanese people that I would interact with online would also be biased this way. This makes it difficult to get a true assessment. I am still inclined to put more weight on my personal experiences than on what is available online, so I currently hold the view that Taiwanese people tend to be against the unification with China and that most of them prefer to either remain as they are or move towards full independence. But I am interested in getting a broader vision.

I think that’s fine so as long as they don’t become a military base ala Ukraine. Declare neutrality.

the real problem is the government still claims the mainland, and not neutrality or independence

Sure if they also give up any ridiculous claims to China as well.

They love German reunification but hate Chinese reunification. All brits know is Nato / capitalist propaganda and empire.

So… If this were true, would the RoC give up all its claims on the continent?

To become an unsinkable American aircraft carrier and humiliate China? Absolutely. The old KMT is no more. They’re lap-dogs 100%.

In the medium-term the US strategy of propaganda is working. No reason why the residents there aren’t becoming more westernized, more anti-sino/Chinese, more anti-communist, more rabidly, ignorantly pro-white-western-order. What I mean is pulling the trigger next month on forceful reunification for China would be easier in the sense of pacification and reintegration of Taiwan than pulling the trigger on forceful reunification in 5 years, 10 years. Of course this is a trap. The US benefits from and wants to goad China into doing that to better attack and isolate them, to justify forcing decoupling on some greater, grander scale. But it’s a tricky trap because even if China doesn’t fall into it (they haven’t so far) it has a fall-back which is that the road to actual re-integration becomes harder the longer they wait. On a global geo-political level and for the grander strategy waiting at least a few years is wiser than acting now for China but it comes at a cost.

unsinkable American aircraft carrier

That sounds like a challenge.

This is worded suspiciously like the overwhelming majority of people there still call themselves “Chinese”…


The KMT is pro reunification tho. The DPP is the batshit one financed by Washington and in power.

Rasm653u (He/him)

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The KMT is pro reunification tho

Maybe now. Not so much until they lost the power as evidenced by no reunification in the decades before.

We have a saying in the PRC regarding the two, the DPP are overtly pushing independence while the KMT are doing it covertly.

Though to be somewhat fair, there were proposals put forth in the past (even if unrealistic) by the KMT such as forming a federation (which was rejected by the mainland in 2001).

I mean they did always wanted reunification, but with them on the top. As is, that shouldn’t count.

And they will almost certainly stay in power because Taiwan is a US vassal state and it is in Washington’s interests to cultivate a hostile to the mainland culture and politics, to cultivate obedient compradors who if Washington says “commit suicide and attack the mainland to goad them into invading” will say yes.

Look at Hong Kong and what that education system looks like, the propaganda, the deeply instilled western colonization of the minds, that and more is what they have in mind for Taiwan. To make it more than just a target that resists militarily, but one full of people who will not submit peacefully or at all to Beijing rule or peace with them or even being called Chinese, who can when the time comes be armed, engaged in terrorist action to cause China to react and to bog them down.

Rewriting history through their new “education” system to brainwash young kids into believing they’re not Chinese despite their passports still saying “Republic of China”. That’s totally not propaganda lmao

Average PFLP Enjoyer

you don’t understand!!! KMT were perfect democracy and definitely not sore losers who the average Chinese hates!!!

Even under the bloody KMT their school textbooks were constantly reminding them of their heritage and why they needed to steal back the mainland lol.

Under the DPP… they moved their own history to “world history” and would rather align with the Japanese rather than properly teach kids that they were part of the victorious side in WW2. This is the same state of being mentally colonised like those in HK…

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