Traffic resumes on Crimea bridge, probe into blast under way
The Kerch Bridge, a key supply route for Russian forces, was hit by a blast on Saturday, killing three people.

I also just learned that several civilians were killed and that the guy who drove the truck may have been unaware of the explosives, so this is just an actual terrorist attack rather than a “legitimate” (from the most pro-Ukrainian perspective possible) target

yes, I’m two days behind and most of you probably already knew this, so what, wanna fight about it

It’s pretty amusing how Western Media didn’t mention this at all. I guess they thought it would undermine the “feelgood story” about Ukrainian terrorists blowing up civillians.

I’d like to know what people in the Crimea actually think about this rather than seeing Zelensky croning on about “liberating” them, although I’m sure I already know the answer.

It’s always funny when they are like how do Afghans, or Pakistanis, or Iraqis, or Persians, or now Crimeans, or etc feel about something. Just ask them, it’s hilarious how libs think they can speak for others. Or in the case of Iran or Syria, they will have some relative of the shah that hasn’t lived there for decades speak for them.

That’s the most telling part about all this: All this talk about Crimea being “liberated” but I haven’t seen a single person asking what the citizens of Crimea want. Since the 2014 referendum where they votged to join Russia is apparently a sham now, that means that no one’s polled them in like 22 years.


It’s often the case with many, mostly white, westerners and how they think. They think that they should have a say in everything or can speak on behalf of everyone.

Never once will they shut up and, you know, listen to the people they talk about.

A personal example for this is Black Pete in the Netherlands, a party with people doing blackface, basically our version of santa. Logically, many black people for a long time have been against it as it’s often a racist stereotype. Some ‘intellectual leftist’ I know like to discuss this topic a lot during our santa time of the year. None of them probably knows or interacts with a black person. None of them bothered to think about what black people might actually want in this, or if they should have a talk with a black person about it.

Westerners think they have to be a part of every single problem and that their opinions on the matter always carry a big weight.

The Iranian protests come to mind in this. Every Westerners has an opinion on those poor Iranian women and how they are being oppressed but fail to see what Iranian women actually have to say about this, which is not anti-Islam, anti-headwear or anti-Iranian, but the Western men and women decided for them that it was and that it should be. How can you possibly know what is best for a certain group of people if you are not connected to them in any way?

Anecdotal evidence is bad but I know a crimean lady and she is happy of having a Russian passport now

You actually knowing one Crimean lady puts you leagues above western media reporters’ qualifications to be talking about how they feel fr

I seem to have a vague memory of hearing about a referendum somewhere around 2014, but I’m sure they’ve changed their mind and want to return to wholesome Ukraine


BBC out here saying Putin lost their support after the SMO started but like, a Ukrainian terrorist blowing up their bridge to the rest of Russia won their hearts and minds? Sure.

Like, fucking water blockade that was broken only after SMO started is surely would have made Crimeans love Ukraine or something.

don’t you see that’s why Russia done gone and blown up their own bridge and used mind control magic to make the Ukrainians claim responsibility (in this scenario, I guess the people in Crimea are immune to mind control)

The thing that fucks me up is Ukraine did not fire a missile at this target – obviously they don’t have missiles with the range or that would not be intercepted by anti-air defences.

But that’s not the point.

The point is they hired someone to, knowingly or not, detonate a bomb on that bridge and die along with it.

I honestly have no words to process this. There’s so many things happening at once in this one act, things that had been in the making for more than 8 years.

Car bombs and suicide attacks; that is where we’re at now. But the Russians are the savages according to the blue checkmarks.

Yes, they hired someone who never knew about the attack. The preliminary results are that the truck was a part of a regular transport comlany hired to deliver a chemical cargo through a fake one-time organisation. The cargo iirc was filled with a reagent that can be used in regular industry, but can also be used to produce volatile explosives, so it didn’t really tick anyone off. As soon as the truck got on the bridge it was most likely remotely detonaged through an explosive device inside the cargo.

The Kaffe

US allies and terrorism what can we say

In ten years time we will start having Ukranian terrorist cells in most of Europe committing homegrown terror.

Just had an idea. What if the next step is for NATO/EU/US to invade Ukraine in a few years time to get rid of the terrorists they created, once they start leaking to Western Europe?

ISIS, but in Europe.

Judging from the US playbook, they’ll play along the fascists terrorist cells as long as their interests coincide.



Being in Europe is gonna suck for the years to come.

This image isn’t real, there are reviews of Rambo III from the year it released that specifically mention the dedication at the end of the film “to the gallant people of Afghanistan.”

I can’t find any evidence that it ever actually had a dedication to the Mujahideen.

Where’s that from?


Rambo III

non-diegetic screams

deleted by creator

Well, it’s a little more detailed, but, as you can see supports are all fine and only one car lane got fucked up. Traffic resumed on the relatively untouched railway and car lanes by the evening and on the railway lane where the burning train was next day. The collapsed sections are yet to be repaired. Estimated time is 1-1.5 months. Impact on logistics is minimal - some heavy trucks cross the channel by a ferry now.

Ukronazi terrorist fail

Fail? Or proof of concept?

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