Lost “rich markets”, “respect from West”, “4 million Russians”, “Donbas but couldn’t”…

Someone tell him about losing some battles to win the war. But his head is too far up Stepan Bandera probably.

Also, what is his source for 4 million Russians? Anyone can use random number generator for fake news.

Anybody else ever get impostor syndrome when they think about dialectical materialism? As in, “I’m attempting to understand the truth of the situation around me by discerning the material facts and how they relate to one another… but it feels like it’s too easy. Too simple. I’m literally just looking at the facts, surely everyone does this?”

And then someone like Michael Priv opens his mouth reassures you that: no, you’re doing fine, and holy shit how fucked up is Western civilization?

How do I learn dialectical materialism? This sounds like a useful tool

Honestly! I just feel like “isn’t this just common sense at this point?” but then a liberal hits me with some of the dumbest shit ever (like whatever that is), sending me flying into mental hell. Jesus it really isn’t that hard to get the basics of the thing down!

Russia breaking the records for losing a war the most times while still inevitably winning in the end.

Least copium-addicted westoid

One very dangerous thing that is forming, is the idea that the Russian army is weak and incompetent. This will only make it easier to manufacture consent for a war with Russia. Westoids are really starting to believe that NATO can easily defeat Russia.


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NATO? They still think it’s only the Ukraine army.

“Short victorious war” is the single most dangerous idea in the history of humanity which is also very characteristical for rotting regimes like USA.

What is completely stupefying in this is that they still believe it after Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and even seeing Ukraine in real time already taking over half year and not having any signs of finishing soon. They couldn’t defeat fucking mujahideen partisans for 20 years and ultimately lost to them.

Are they really want the war this quick?

So it looks like the establishment has finally decided that risk of nuclear annihilation is worth it to maintain power

If they haven’t yet, they may well do so in the future, especially as the empire keeps crumbling.

Go see Palestine questions on Quora. Nothing but pro-Israel trolls.

Meanwhile, western Europe is losing the ability to heat their homes

“Russia lost respect from the West”

Did Russia ever have respect from the West?

Quora is a cesspit. I remember doing some research to see if Portugal ever apologized or paid reparations or actively acknowledges and condemns their colonial history. I saw someone ask a similar question on quora and I swear to god the first answer basically said: there’s nothing to apologize for, nobody alive now is responsible (not what the question was implying), the colonies deserved it as Portugal made them civilized, etc.

It was fucking horrifying. Like most people know that they aren’t personally responsible for what past people did, but like, we had colonial wars very recently, and history in Portugal was actively sanitized during the dictatorship. Shinzo Abe explicitly denied Japanese atrocities during WWII, it’s the same concept. Nobody is asking the people of today to feel like they’re at fault. It’s just acknowledge the history and work to never repeat it again. Maybe establish friendly relationships with the countries that you colonized, I don’t know. Portugal is a poor country so I didn’t expect to see monetary reparations, but it’s fucked up that they are actively proud of their colonial past and have monuments and statues dedicated to “explorers”.

I think instead of celebrating colonialism with pride and monuments, they should be replaced with love for the Carnation Revolution.

Also with Portugal stealing all of Brazil’s gold they’re still poor as hell.

Sorry for the rant, I tend to go off on tangents.

That person forgot that Russia already had been under heavy sanctions for years at that point.

Not this heavy

I agree, but there wasn’t much room left.

Here’s how Russia can still lose

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