Meanwhile human drivers can …

Selfdriving cars are not perfect, but it’s enough when they can drive better and safer than humans


You say that like it’s a fact, but autonomous vehicle companies rarely publish their crash data. Human drivers in the USA average 1.34 deaths per 100 million vehicles miles traveled:

Autonomous driving companies don’t publish this data, they operate in a handful of tiny geofenced areas with favorable conditions, and they still managed to kill that one lady with her bike.

The reality is, having either humans or machines operating multi-thousand-kilo vehicles for individual riders at high speeds on open courses shared with other traveling modes and in close proximity to vulnerable humans has always and will always be sheer insanity. Cities should drastically reduce car miles traveled and shift modes to busses, trains, bikes and walking. We shouldn’t be subsidizing autonomous cars or any other cars, not with fuel subsidies, highways, stroads, parking lots, ot any of the other massive giveaways that force people into cars.

Compaies can’t public reliable statistics, because self driving cars are only few respect the current cars with human drivers in the traffic comparable conclusions cannot be drawn. Although autonomous cars currently serve only to have the autopilot on highways, with human supervision, the deficiencies in urban traffic will be eliminated for sure, as this technology advances. But as I said before, urban traffic should be limited to public transport, and perhaps also bicycles or small electric vehicles for individual transport.

I’m curious about what environment they’re driving in. Certain environments are highly favorable, others are very much not. There’s nothing that makes me think they’ve conquered the latter.

The point here is that they’re actually doing something practical with the technology. And I imagine that running a bus on a fixed route is a much easier problem than a general purpose self driving vehicle. What this shows is that China is choosing workable and pragmatic solutions to transit automation while the west continues to masturbate.

Except the West is absolutely putting autonomous vehicles to use in limited situations. Search for “autonomous vehicle fixed route” and you’ll find plenty of results from all over the West, most notably Vegas.

I see nothing comparable in scale to what China’s doing. Another example is an autonomous taxi service in Wuhan now. These are autonomous vehicles driving around in big cities in complex conditions, and as far as I know these aren’t killing people the way western experiments have been as seen with Uber.

$100 Billion, 10 Years: Self-Driving Cars Can Barely Turn Left

That’s what you get for letting rightwingers develop them.


People overestimate AI again and again

Until they don’t


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