so sick of the ban wave… literally can’t even talk to someone on reddit without them also being banned, had my last alt for like a week and maybe 10 people got permanently suspended literally while I was talking to them, mostly very polite interesting people. one was a super long very calm somewhat humorous debate about WW2 history and just as we start to agree, poof he’s banned. I want to give reddit credit and assume it was for something on another sub, but im guessing they just mistook one of his comments about the war as a “call for violence” or some bullshit and banned him.

I hate most social media these days, since ukraine. I never really liked reddit but I kinda got into it because of chapo , then I found you guys when they got banned but then you got banned too so wtf… there’s not even a new replacement sub, why bother they’d just be banned right? I hate facebook, twitter, imgur, i don’t take photos of my lunch so ive never even been on snapchat or instagram. I miss revleft (if anyones old enough to remember them?)

I’m just done with reddit any social media you guys can recommend where I dont have to stick to 144 words, or just post photos?

Johnny Mojo

Write a blog with open comments and an rss feed.

That might be fun, I don’t even know how to get started with that, any tips or advice?

Johnny Mojo

I found this: WriteFreely that might be interesting. It’s a self-hosted blogging platform that federates through ActivityPub to any compatible federated service like Mastodon.

Johnny Mojo

Get a cheap computer, turn it into a web server, install wordpress, get a static ip and a domain name. Lots of tutorials online, especially for GNU/Linux and Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi can be had for about 50 bucks, a static ip and domain name should run about 25-30 per year. You can also use any old computer you have lying around, just install Debian server or Rocky Linux. For a static ip and domain name I’ve had good experience with Best of luck!

whatever social media you’re on find solace in the fact it can never be worse than discord

Wait a minute! Is discord a social media now?
Not been there for a long time

Honestly I’m glad they banned me. Lemmygrad is so much nicer being able to chill here with the comrades and not have to worry about basic libs polluting my notifications

KiG V2

No recommendations…back when I spent too much time online I tried to radicalize people on YouTube and my comments would get removed or shadowbanned, even when I would be NEVER hostile or cuss or suggest violence, only offer simple facts about Ukraine etc. It has certainly got REALLY bad since the war, I can barely even say words like “capitalism” or “China” anymore.

Tumblr I wasn’t quite so obviously censored but would recieve a heap of death threats about me and my family whenever I would try and talk Ukraine, nothing to seriously worry but just demoralizing because of how insane and evil some of these mfers are.

The only social media I can half recommend is this one 😅 Tumblr is okay sometimes and I still use YouTube for education, but definitely all-in-all I heavily limit my social media use.

Johnny Mojo

Never could fathom the cowardice of online threats.

im not pretty enough to become youtube or tiktok personality, i might try tumblr they always seemed kinda weird to me though the formatting was strange, seemed more like pinterest than anything

alot of it comes from Trump, dont forget in 2012 Mitt Romney was laughed at and mocked for claiming America’s number one geopolitcal enemy was Russia. Then ukraine and syria happened, and then 2016 happened, and Hillary thought it would be an awesome idea to capitalize on everyone’s mccarthyist brainwashing and paint trump as some kind of russian spy. A charge she was also happy to level at Bernie Sanders. Somehow now it’s Hillary and Zelensky vs Trump and Putin. Despite the fact that Putin and Hillary would probably be best friends, and zelensky is practically the Ukrainian Trump, a right wing Tv personality with no government experience elected with the backing of shady financiers, in a time of political turmoil who’s often accused of secretly being a neo nazi.

Hillary and Putin would never be friends… probably. look up “international reactions” here.

That picture though after one year of Gaddafi’s Death:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her arrival at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Vladivostok, September 8, 2012.

you’d be surprised how friendly bitter rivals can be behind the scenes

I got banned from the genzedong board because I thought it would be funny to say something ridiculous about “you tankies” and I refuse to use a /s. Live by the sword, get banned by the sword.

oh yeah lets not pretend censorship is a far right problem, lots of these pro ukraine westerners demanding we charge anyone vaguely supporting russia online with treason (a thing Mitt Romney actually said) call themselves communists. Or usually they add on "libertarian, non-authoritative, democratic, market, 5th synonym for non-violent, socialists

Johnny Mojo

Chian is anything but communist, just another authoritarian-fascist regime.

I ain’t mad about it or anything.

“non-authoritative” AKA a piss weak lib who will roll over for the bourgeoisie on command. Trotsky would be proud

Liberals have always loved to side with nazis. In the US though, it’s disconcerting to see even most leftists side with Ukraine. Reddit was already bad, but seeing the nonstop propaganda has really turned it unusable. Somehow the only mainstream social media where I can see much ML content is Tik Tok.

back in 2014 i was just shocked. I was following the story on RT mostly and just so upset wondering why western media was not covering the story at all, like wtf nazis are taking over ukraine and mightve killed the president, why is the news talking about obama’s birth certificate again. I swear when john kerry first came out and said the US was supporting the “protestors” and started in with all that bullshit about being freedom fighters defending democracy. that was like the twilight zone to me my face went pale, I think went in shock I can remember the time of day and the weather outside and everything.

I didn’t even think bush would pull some shit like this. That was really a nail in coffin for the democrats for me, obama especially i was really excited about the first black president too. I didn’t expect much either, I used to always say “obama doesn’t have to do shit but stay black and die” but after Ukraine he might has well have been Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas.

I got a warning for…gulp…threatening violence??? 😰😰😰😢😭😩

I made a comment on this post about an IDF soldier getting shot in a drive by. I said that the Israeli government should let the Palestinian militants conduct the investigation, even handing over the bullet over to them…y’know…like the time the Israeli government literally did that when they killed Shireen Abu Akleh…

and really it was because said something bad about israel, like the amount of countries the US has target on must be dozens, north korea, iran, somalia, nigeria, venezuela, it’s basically just agree with the CIA or your banned, not even that I don’t even think that is good enough, its basically anyone who has any political opinion that hasn’t been repeated ad nauseum by the republican and democrat parties is banned. so if you had said the exact same thing but about the side the CIA approves of, it wouldn’t have been an issue, you couldve a dedicated a whole subreddit to that opinion.

Mine was perma suspended for a day before being lifted after I told them for what reason, but I’ll be deleting it as soon as GenZedong is banned eventually. I’m leaving that website, I’m so done after almost 3 years spent on it.

i dont even bother with appeals i usually just take it as an opportunity to curse out the admins and call them all nazis

As a subreddit, we should go out with a bang!

“You got two felonies, fuck it, go out with a bang” - 50 Cent

Stay here, lol.

thanks I feel the love lol, maybe ill figure out like a combo of 5 or 6 small sites like this one

Hexbear is similar to Lemmygrad (it uses a fork of an old Lemmy version) except with far more users. You could go to as well; there are quite a few obnoxiously vocal and hypocritical anticommunists there, but it’s still better than R*ddit

Thanks for pointing out Hexbear, I’ve never heard of it. Was it made to replace any community in particular on Reddit?

IIRC it was /r/moretankiechapo

thanks never heard of it, Ill check it out, users is the biggest issue, it’s easy to setup a new site like this one but getting more than 5 posts a day is a struggle. are those stats in the sidebar accurate? 292 users here all month? damn im surprised anyone replied at all lol

Our user base is not large, but I’d say we’re very active

yeah I think I signed up right after the genz sub got banned, and left because the traffic was so slow, I genuinely forgot the name of this site took me forever to find it on google but somehow I magically remembered my login info.

Yeah the transition wasn’t all that smooth. Constant DDos attacks, technical problems with the app and confusion about lemmy itself turned a lot of users off back then and it was fairly quiet even with the GZD refugees. It’s gotten a lot better over the past couple months though. We have plenty of very active threads a day - enough for me to miss some of them despite coming here a couple times a day.

LG isn’t going to be banned by reactionary admins any time soon, so stick around if you’re keen to talk shit with other deplorable tankies

thank ill maybe stick around for awhile, i used to post on revleft which had really low traffic, but then the mods went ban crazy kind of like reddit is now, and banned anyone vaguely supporting the Spartacist league(oh no what a crime) lost like half the userbase then just went schoolmarm rule crazy on the remaining few members and then they just had to shut the whole thing down for lack of activity and donations.

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