Thanks you wholesome US for getting us rid of the Human Rights violator cheap Russian gas. Now we can get wholesome Humanitarian Saudi and Native American gas for much higher prices.

He already deleted this after polish ukrofans dogpiled him. The only thing that seriously baffle me is not even his honesty (Sikorski did that few times before which is few times more than usual polish politician), but his naivety. Where he was in the last half year if he did not knew how their own media will spin this sabotage? This guy was foreign minister for 7 years ffs!

Bourgoise governments are not known for the competence of their elected representatives. Just look at the clownshow that is the current german government.

Yeah but propaganda is the one thing polish compradors are good at (at least when supervised), we would have a left wing if that wasnโ€™t true, and some talkative people would be still alive.

Fair point.

This is what an actual falseflag looks like. Itโ€™s obvious who wouldโ€™ve done it and why, and that it was a total rush job. Real false flags are clumsy affairs.

People like this answer the question I always have just by their existence: If the Nazis and their collaborators wiped out so many people, I wonder who was left?

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