In reference to this.

She likes to portray herself as the good guy, I notice. It feels very fake.

Another victim of communism

and to think that i used to support AOC :(


No shame in that, the only shame is for those who continue to support her after knowing all the things she’s responsible for.

…You know what? I dont envy this situation she is in. But I have ZERO sympathy for her situation.

As a HARD rule, I refuse to call out wokescolding or give credence to the complaints of reactionaries claiming that progressive virtue signalling is especially bad (because they dont mean it like we mean it when they say it), but I cant sat here and say that this isnt just cynical tactical retreating behind the issues of the differently abled to avoid REAL IMMEDIATE concerns and to hide from criticism.

Progressive values should belong to the people and NOT as a shield for the elites from criticism or as a pocket sand tactic for a quick escape from accountability.

People on twitter are freaking out at the guy in video. They’re making it out to seem that the guy was saying AOC herself is continuing this war. Even though that’s not what was said or implied?

He literally says she voted to continue this war and escalate it, she could’ve voted against it but chose not to. He never said she was the one personally sending money and weapons, rather that she agreed with other politicians to continue to escalate the violence.

The Tulsi comment is weird but maybe it was a statement on how even Tulsi Fucking Gabbard left the Dems because of this.

Some on twitter are saying he’s a Tulsi plant, which might be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that AOC gained support from her (supposedly) wanting to make genuine changes and standing firm against other politicians. She was supposed to be the one Democrat who was actually different, being an actual second option rather than playing into the facade of two parties but they’re exactly the same.

Instead of that they got the same shit as before.

Does anyone know what Sanders has been doing?

i got a text from sanders the other day begging for 50 bucks so he can “campaign for progressive politicians” in the upcoming midterms. just honestly pathetic, what a complete failure.

LoL what progressive politicians? There are none in the US, at least not at the national or state level. Maybe a few decent city councillors and local candidates who are genuinely progressive. The rest are shills for the Democratic party.


Yeah the Tulsi stuff is strange, considering she’s pro-imperialism too, and very socially reactionary. But AOC supports the US opposition every time, in Ukraine, Bolivia, VZ, etc.

Who’s Tulsi Gabbard?

congresswoman from Hawaii, before biden and bernie announced they were running she was a main contender for first female president in 2020. really annoying yaaas qween leftover hillary supporters that tried to paint her as the left wing alternative to bernie sanders, with like no sense of irony. Not even super aware of her policies just “she’s a woman, I like women I want woman president now make that happen now please thank you”. Poor Elizabeth warren was standing there the whole time like “um hello I’m way more left wing than GI Jane here wtf?” but she didn’t look as good in a bikini as Tulsi did, and they were like “ooh our dumb idiot husbands will like that”. So Tulsi and her coconuts rocketed to the top of the polls early on in 2020, and all the former bernie supporters sobbingly and wimperingly started to sign on to her campaign because… something about Assad I don’t remember and then Bernie and Biden announced super late and everyone shit their pants and the guuurl power gang was sitting there like… “but coconuts?”. Bernie supporters had to really fight to explain that Tulsi was very moderate and centrist candidate and that despite opposing US involvement in the war in Syria and Libya she was very pro-war when it came to everyone else. Something they really did not understand

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