Soberana is a Brazilian ML Collective where 12 youtubers participate in making videos to help the working class, they’re the following:

Azhariel ( Bonzago ( Comuninja ( Froggy ( Gus ( Groselha Atômica ( História Pública ( Historiatopia ( Lyslimon ( Ponzuzu ( VinnyDays ( Zawacki (

História Pública (Public History in english), has made various videos, including a “debunk” of Holodomor as a man-made famine. (

They’re massively helping the population in Brazil understand the Marxist theory and everyone in lemmygrad would be welcome in the Discord server, which has an english chat (#internationalism).

I’m posting it here and not in the Brazilian community because c/genzedong has more visibility and some of their videos have english subtitles (you can use the automatic subtitle generator of youtube as well).

I’ve known Groselha Atômica for quite some time. I love his posters and I wish I could buy his merchandising in the future. I don’t know the others tho, but I’ll check them out and see what they say.

Muito bom o trabalho do Ian Neves. Tá crescendo muito, utilizando as redes de forma muito eficiente

Soviet Snake

Huh, fucking hell, they have the same name as our Latin American instance.

Wow, what a coincidence!

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