Unlike the Victims of Communism Foundation, we have a quantifiable 100 million deaths due to his destruction >:)

They’re pretty much only talking about car infrastructure. Yeah, having the best infrastructure for the worst mode of transportation sure is something to be proud of.


Even that’s pretty bad. Driving around the US in the past 5 years, roads have gotten so much worse. I use waze and its pretty invaluable because people can report potholes, because now they can go half a year without being fixed.

Not to mention the constant construction because as soon as they’ve finished expanding a highway, it’s taken so long, the highway needs to be expanded again to keep up with all the traffic growth.

The Kaffe

Germany, China, and Japan all have far superior car infrastructure to the US. The only bridge onto my home island was built in the 1920s, and the state and fed have 0 plans to replace it even though a bridge 20 miles away collapsed and it was built in the 50s.

Top 10 most brutal anime deaths

As we say in Poland: Plowed

The Kaffe

Apparently Washington has the 11th worst roads in the states. Considering just how garbage the streets are here, the 10 worst states have to be drastically bad.

I’ve been through some parts of Oklahoma where the highway was pretty much worse than driving on dirt

the roads even in Seattle are pretty fucking bad. even when there’s constructions, it takes like 6 months to fix one stretch of road. it fucking sucks


I visited seattle recently, and friends are excited that they’re building more train stops… that aren’t going to be finished for like 4 years. In China that’d be like a week at the rate they’re building rail.

oh yeah, that train line isn’t bad. it got extended to northgate, and they’ll be extending it further all the way to everett. but yeah, it’s the only real passenger train in the region, its very limited in it’s reach, it isn’t particularly fast, and like you said it’s taking forever to build. i think it’ll be done in 2024, so not quite as long as you said, but yeah - China could probably build HSR for half the state in the time it takes us to extend this one line.

on a related note is the west seattle bridge. they discovered there was a fault in it in like 2019 or 2020, and said that it would take them like 5 years to fix it. so if you need to get to west seattle, fuck you


Worthless. They got Starbucks and M$ paying zero taxes too.

yeah, but at least starbucks workers are starting to unionize now.

There’s always going to be a discrepancy between American and Chinese infrastructure, because China builds infrastructure towards the goal of “improving life on both the short and long term” and America towards the goal of “more cool interchanges and highways vroom vroom 😎🚗🚗”.

The best thing I can say about America’s infrastructure is that parts of the country are still habitable in the astronomical sense

Our infrastructure barely works.

Socialism with Cyberbullying Characteristics

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Chen Weihua strikes again

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