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I don’t know what to say

If you told me this quote was from a hundred years ago, I would’ve believed it. Imperialists never change.

Europe while cutting off your hands for not collecting enough rubber sap: Im just a smol garden please don’t invade me


The smol cute country of Belgium: known for chocolate, old cosy buildings, great beer, beautiful woods and genociding 10 million Congolese people 😊

Jesus Christ that top comment alone. This whole Ukraine business has changed people. Before I could watch mainstream news and read threads like that and some of it would irritate me, most of it I’d disagree with, but it was still tolerable. It was chauvinistic, often racist and ignorant, but often relatively bening. Since 24th Feb it’s pure, unhinged racism, imperialism and stuff like this is bordering on ethno-nationalism.

Mainstream left and right seem to agree now that our free, social and prosperous European way of life is to be cherished.

Literal third way fascist rhetoric. Mainstream libs are getting scary man

free, social and prosperous European way of life

“Yo we stole, murdered and pillaged to get this shit fair and square, you fucking savages better not even think about living better than us! We earned it!!11”

our free, social and prosperous European way of life is to be cherished

“nOt StOlLeN, cOnQuErEd”

Reggaelator Demoman

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I feel this way too. Twitter and Reddit look identical to 4chan now. Shit is bleak.

People finally telling us who they really really are.

I bet he also have some ideas about Agent Orange.


The gardeners have to go to the jungle. Europeans have to be much more engaged with the rest of the world. Otherwise, the rest of the world will invade us, by different ways and means.

Holy shit, that’s straight up neofascism from the darkest pit of internet

Aye, their ‘extravagant’ garden is not sustainable so these savages go into the jungle to plunder from others while claiming to bring civilisation as they have been doing for centuries.

Let them rot and have nature bring them back into the fold…

The gardeners have to go to the jungle.

I can just see this line over a picture of one-handed Congolese slaves on a Belgian colonial estate. Fucking vile

From “Kumbaya” to “Heart of Darkness” in what, seven months flat

The 70+ year mask mandate is finally over!


Europe, and the general west, is shaping up to go all out fascist it seems. Even the comments on the thread are full of European supremacy.

I have been mentally preparing for war for quite some time now. I know it sounds LARP-like, but I think it really will happen. And I will probably have to choose a side.

Especially funny that entire concept of “European Supremacy” won’t last 3 seconds when tested and they will be at eachother throats for minor issues.

Do we really need a full blown and open WW3?

Entire collective voice of the west say “YES”

Do they expect not to die in the nuclear exchange? Do they expect it to not turn nuclear?

Now that’s trickier question. Most of the internet hawks surely don’t expect it to turn nuclear, they just want Russia to go away because fuck yeah murica always win or some other bullshit they believe. They also don’t know a shit how the war really looks (remember the mercenaries fleeing from Ukraine at the first inconvenience and those were the more courageous and infinitely more determined members of that crowd) let alone how a fucking nuclear war looks - to be fair nobody except few ancient Japanese does and i hope no one ever will anymore.

And the rest, the total braindead morons, do really think they will be ok because they are the smartest elites of the human race - it’s the same thinking as monarchists and libertarians have when they seriously propose to throw humanity in the pit of misery - they think they will be on top of the new world.

I can understand why internet dwelling lead-huffers would think that - for reasons you have just listed. But it certainly seems like the people pushing the buttons and giving orders - Borell here for example - think the same. It’s frightening. Surely he and his have better information? Surely they know just how bad things will be?

I honestly don’t know. Before the war, EU politicians average as a whole, behaved like usual you would expect, pretty rational within the constraints of imperial core bourgeoise governments, especially Germany. And now they are trying so hard to commit economical seppuku. Can’t explain that really.

There is nothing suprising about that thread considering it is on /r/europe.

I don’t think reddit is a good take to consider, since it’s Twitter 2

I don’t think its LARPing to state the obvious reality.

I don’t think it’s LARPing when you’re recognizing very obvious trends. We’ve seen this exact rhetoric and “plan” in many other wars before. It starts small, and continues to escalate in a way so the general public is complacent or even enthusiastic.

I’m not joking when I say COD really helped stoke the flames. Literally military propaganda.

Didn’t they hype up young men during WWI so they’d willing go to war thinking it was badass, to then find out war is actually the most horrifying thing? By then it was too late for them to turn back and they had to watch their friends die or be mutilated.

People have forgotten how fucked up war actually is. You don’t respawn and your enemies don’t rag doll. Johnny Got His Gun should be required reading.

“Head of EU Diplomacy”

Let’s be real: He’s no idiot, he knows what he said, he knew the effect it would have. He didn’t go out over the heads of EU leadership with this speech.

The EU has slowly been stoking the coals of hatred since the war kicked off, and watching how the public react to shit like this is how they check the temperature. They can check the cringe:applause ratio and then either claim it was a faux pas and walk it back, or keep going.

Stalin’s Stopping at Berlin has been a disaster for the european continent

The one thing Stalin did wrong

Europe’s “garden” will be looted and ransacked by the U.S

Yeah I have a German friend that is too quick to point out how much better Europe is than the U States. I’m like yeah sure it sucks or whatever but the US is cannabalizing Germany literally right now.

There will be mass deaths this winter and the first to die are the people that can do the least about it.

The old, ill and compromised, those most in need of help from society were literally killed of by the hundreds of thousands over the last 2 years. This winter is just going to be round 3. Everyone that can’t produce profits for capital is superfluous at best. The rest has to struggle to make the bare minimum and once they’ve been squeezed dry, capitalism will spit them out to be sacrificed on the altar of neoliberalism too.

All to serve imperialist goals. It’s beyond fucked up.

There’s a decent chance he and his know it. And they fully intend to compensate the losses via the tried and tested method - pillage.

Then may they smash their heads against the wall.

Me, someone who always prefer natural forest over garden. : “Good”


For real. People over here fill their garden with stone tiles and a cheap lounge set and call it a day. Would it hurt you to have some greenery and not destroy our ecosystem?

The amount of non-native species used on lawns and gardens is also literally unsustainable. Native plants thriving is better for everyone, can even help with flooding and water waste. They’re suited for the environment and therefore don’t harm the native fauna and adapted to the climate.


The cities in The Netherlands stopped mowing weeds next to the roads or in certain parks and just let them be. Suddenly, insects returned by the thousands. Turns out letting nature do its thing is good.

Yes! Hope that happens in my city. Thistles are annoying as hell but the rest of our native plants are really pretty. Better than golf course grass. Less time and resources wasted with watering and other maintenance.


Maybe you could start a petition or something. It’s a measure that saves costs as well, so why wouldn’t they listen?

It’s great for biodiversity as well. I’ve seen plants in the last few years that I had not seen my entire life before that. Makes you think how much we fuck up nature for something as dumb as a mowed roadside.

So I take it they intend to “prune” the garden and cut down the forest.

Aka kill us all

I watched Multipolarista’s video about this. It’s so fucked. How is their motive not obvious yet??? Textbook rise of fascism, we have written and studied it, yet it’s still prevailing…

Shared ideals… so Europeans are good adjectives while everyone else is bad adjectives. Cool.

Borderline imperialist???

Also Russia only “invaded” when NATO fucked with their border.


Including empathy and compassion 😭😭😭

So compassionate when the refugee crisis happened and mainstream media was seriously debating wether we should let them drown in the sea or just shoot them straight away.

Like, I’m sorry, are we talking about the same Europe??? The reconquista should’ve failed imho

I’m assuming this person is an imperial core “communist”

Because fascism is taught incorrectly in liberal societies.

Instead of fascism being taught as a petty-bourgeois movement that the ruling class uses to violently reestablish their grip on the working class, it’s taught as a mean man with a mustache saying mean things about jews while advocating for “big government.”

Racist fuck


r/europe is absolute filth, but there’s some solace in it being unique filth, other European country-subs and even pan-European subs tend to be a few notches less racist. I’m also pretty sure a good 80% are Americans who relate to Europe because of skin colour.

What are they saying in those less shit subs?

Europe is good. The rest of the world is shit because they are poor. (Rather than poor because they are shit).

So same thing, but not as openly racist?

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