lol the one time he missed was that tweet about Vietnam right?

He did it on purpose to fulfill the rule that nobody is correct all the time.

If he kept a 100% track record, people might starting to suspect Chen to be a God in disguise /s

biden managed to get a cia operative to wrestle the phone away from chen and post that tweet but he managed to get it back via his material analysis of the situation


I’m just getting tired of the hollow statements made by these ghouls.

It’s the same over here with the politicians expressing support to the people regarding energy prices. You make 11000 euro’s a month you wanker, shut up and do something.

I feel exhausted too. I am not even 30 yet and have been paying attention to these hollow statements for about 5 or so years now.

Then there are these decrepit career politicians with one leg in the grave who have been making these hollow statements for like half their lives. I don’t understand how they can do this.

Red Phoenix

They’re actors. The more people they can trick and deceive, the better their careers are.

Is Chen a real man or a collective of the greatest trolls China can produce? All working together to dunk on every stupid ass western politician on a moments notice? It’s so hard to believe any one being could be this amazing.


He is very much real. Was a speaker at one of our party events a while back.


People joke that he’s probably only an average poster. China’s doing the US a favor by blocking twitter, because twitter would not be able to handle the average user from weibo on there. If the great posting wall came down, twitter would have to block China themselves.

I know why they block it, but I really would love to see the unbelievable amount of lib cope and seethe as the scream CCP bots into a tsunami of Chinese posters.

I’m pretty sure Chen is physically incapable of missing

There is actually ONE bad take from Chen, it’s an older tweet about China intervention in Vietnam.

But it’s more like the exception that prove the rule.

Comrade’s a savage XD

another victim

Whoa whoa whoa, look, just because anticommunists have human rights violations in their own countries doesn’t mean that they’re insincere when they focus on ones thousands of miles away! I’m sure that they care deeply about the recriminalization of abortion in the U.S., just not now, and not here, and not the ones who recriminalized it.


I was not aware of what the policy on abortions is in China. I just looked up the policies and their history, and damn, great job China!

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