bruh 40% of the electorate believes “both parties are the same” and “voting is useless” and thus refuse to participate. i’m not saying that that’s necessarily the correct line or whatever but CPUSA approaching the issue like the masses love voting and anti-electoralist communists are the problem is silly as shit and totally divorced from reality

most based take on electoralism

I hope they maximise the utility and fill out as many circles and boxes as possible.

and write on all the lines


“It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it fills out circles and sticks them in a machine” – Deng Xiaoping in 1988, after knocking back a few with a young Chen Weihua (this is a little-known moment in revolutionary history)

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’ve never seen this before

“We have too much on the line”

Do they mean the issues that Democrats have done fuck all to address and only use as a carrot on a stick for votes?

People who still believe in American democracy or electoralism at this point are straight up delusional.

John Brown had a much better idea.

John Brown was the GOAT

CPUSA needs to update its line. Participation in electoralism only works whilst the working class still believes the vote is legitimate

Did they forget who is currently in power?


If CPUSA is practicing democratic centralism, they’re doing a terrible job of it. I doubt 1% of their members would’ve agreed with that tweet.

I think that since about 1970, the CPUSA’s “democratic centralism” has been centered in Langley.

It’s not like since the cold war ended they would have had a reason to pull resources, agents, etc out of such infiltration as there is no other big threat domestically to infiltrate and if you don’t use budget you risk losing it. They either continue subverting this or close down the division. They could justify continuing to even prop up fronts like this just to justify keeping some lights on and allowing some old lifer to keep their little fiefdom of power in CIA-land that gets them a budget that they can misuse for semi-annual vacations and free drinks.

And there’s benefits to narrowing the range of opinions, making even the “far left communists” be just a left flank and sheepherder of the reactionary Democratic party is extremely useful.

Not to mention the CPC and other communist parties around the world that the US still considers very much threats maintain formal ties with the CPUSA, that could make them useful now or potentially in future in the eyes of foreign intelligence.

How can people write like this without physically cringing?

Liberalism helps.

They also missed pretty important detail: vote for whom exactly.

Don’t be afraid misters Plekhanovs, tell everyone openly you support kadets.

I should be voting?

Earn my vote. Give me a reason.

The GOP wants to oppress nakedly everyone in the US and the Dems want to get us into WW3.

Yeah. Im beyond sure we are gonna get actual rights and suffrage while our major cities become glass craters.

Fuck voting. Loving my spouse, taking care of those I love and trying to comfort them as the bombs drop or the fascist death squads kick in our door is the more productive thing.

God damn the whole fucking thing.

What we SHOULD be doing is arming up and building dual power structures and defending our communities from the state and the local fascist reactionaries.

All yanks are bastards.

if you vote really hard it will come true, you just didn’t vote hard enough last time, you missed a bunch of boxes, didn’t sign your name right, some of you just doodle pictures of your cat, that’s not voting guys, you have to vote harder than that

Least complacent Western “communists”


Hallo Ministerium fuer Stattsicherheit?

Ich moechte eine Cringe berichten.

Like electoralism isn’t a total illegitimate crock. The victor will be who the elites choose; be damned who the people vote for.

They haven’t been relevant for a couple lifetimes now. It’s old news. When you communist party participates in the purge of communists then you aren’t relevant nor ever will be again

I flinched.

That’s because you have PTSD from being abused by the American electoral system.

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