Webtorrent has been a great tool to use

Netflix hasn’t felt indispensable for a while, could be the last straw.


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Setup a jellyfin server for the price you were paying for Netflix. Get whatever content you want.

One of my friends started selfhosting a jellyfin server in his home last week. He gave me an account. And it’s full of anime.

I love friendship.

I hadn’t heard about this, looks nice.

I did this a few weeks ago, and should have done it years ago.

I had a HD full of movies but kept putting it off because I expected to have to set aside a day to install Jellyfin and figure everything out (I’m lazy… lol), but it only ended up taking about 10 minutes! I had zero issues with the installation.

Over the last few weeks I have been making small tweaks to how my collection is organized. I also installed the Roku apps on all the TVs in the house and the kids love it. Jellyfin is the way!

I keep forgetting to look into that

I wish it would hurry up. Less people using Netflix, the better.

The End of Netflix Is Coming

it didn’t end already?

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