By the way the answer is, they slashed wages and decimated working conditions

who could’ve thought

I hate google for this. I can’t research anything without the suggested search/first page results being super fucked up and manipulative. I’ve tried looking for information on the war right now, with a very neutral question (slightly criticizing Ukraine), and both the suggested searches and first results page were incredibly pro-Ukraine. The searches tried to change my question into something anti-Russia and every headline was something about Russian lies or it would use manipulative language to minimize Ukraine aggression.

Gotta use another browser, unfortunately/fortunately.

You can also try different search engines. Here is a list of Searx instances. Searx is a meta-search engine that is free and open source. Whenever you search for something, it will send your query to a variety of different search engines and aggregate the results. It does the searches on your behalf, so it’s impossible for Google for example to track you via cookies or data in your browser’s cache.

Today the search engine asks your questions

In capitalist Amerika, search engine queries you.

Great, now we have search engines asking people’s questions for them in addition to the news forming people’s opinions for them.

Manufactured consent

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