For decades, people have thought of virtual reality as a place of infinite possibility, where any experience, possible or impossible, can be had, like in dreams. Leave it to the Zuck to turn it into a fucking cubicle farm.

I kinda want him to go for it just so I can see how it backfires.


I have not tried to follow Meta’s journey as they try to create the VR Metaverse because it superficially just seems like an obviously bad idea with a lot of funding. It reminds me of how I felt the first time I saw an ad for Google Glass - I didn’t see how it would appeal the normal person to use it consistently as it is way too intrusive.

Maybe Meta understands something about the newer generations that I don’t, and people will embrace the virtual reality world with open arms. But wearing a headset to kind-of replicate normal experiences, while giving up a good amount of your ability to sense the actual environment around you, seems just super awkward. And that’s already problematic for virtual socializing. Requesting adults to wear this for work?? I would rather just come to the office.

Exactly. I will be very surprised to see the Metaverse take off. Because right now, nobody wants it, not even the Meta employees.

Yeah the trend seems to be the opposite direction. Instead of going out of the real world into a virtual one, virtual reality is seeping into the actual world.

Meta and all other virtual/crypto trends are just capitalism creating new markets to profit from speculation.

Whether it works or not, it’s just an afterthought.

Basically professional Minecraft + VTubing

Zuck gonna suck


idk why but at first i read it as him helping workers hide from their bosses, and i somehow almost believed it. i hope this never takes off

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