You've Never Had an Original Thought (Media Manipulation and "Freedom" of the Press)
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Hakim continues to knock it out of the park. This time covering the corruption, hypocrisy, and failing of capitalist media.

Yup, this one was good.

Got a question regarding Hakim. About a week or so ago, he’s been mentioned in a post by Mango Press (who claim to be Marxists themselves and have been used for news by comrades here multiple times). Said post lambasted him as a phony and for supposedly justifying NATO propaganda, as well as hosting Konstantin Semin (a relatively famous Russian Marxist journalist).

Basically, what gives? Is this just leftist infighting and puritanism?

Idk, MangoPress claiming that Hakim/Yugopnik are americans and that the russian guest simps for America because he criticizes capitalist Russia seems kinda sus. that being said, i havent listened to latest podcast episode and i’ve never read anything from him so maybe he does come out as an american simp.

I assume these are the posts, from Telegram channel @mangopress:

[Screenshot of this tweet (link)]

Radlib American ‘leftists’ interview ‘Marxist’ who hates his own country & simps for American liberals by pushing lies about #Donbass.

The way the Americans frame it as if the are telling you gospel truth. American ‘leftists’ go against the entire world

A new Telegram post quoting the previous one:

[Screenshot of the thumbnail of a video by Hakim called “What’s going on in Iraq?” (link)]

This is not new for Hakim, having this thumbnail for such a video ESPECIALLY after the assassination of Soleimani, along with some anti-Shia remarks.

All those videos on Iraq without uttering a word about the Axis of Resistance, a deafening silence.

THEN insisting on watering down and referring to the main bulk of Iraqi popular resistance against ISIS and American influence (the #PMU) as “Iran backed Shia militias” as if its a derogatory thing.

First post: Second post:

They’re claiming that Hakim and Yugopnik are americans lol.

The Yugoslav doesn’t make videos or tweets in Serbo-Croatian and the Iraqi doesn’t make videos or tweets in Arabic. Conspiracy confirmed??? /s

Safari won’t let me access the telegram or whatever but has anyone here listened to the podcast episode? I don’t have their Patreon so I have to wait till it’s released on Spotify.

I reposted everything and provided a description of the images they sent. You don’t need to visit the link :)

I did see that and am very appreciative! I just thought there was something wrong with my phone lol

Could be some dumb Appple restriction. My Android browser lets me preview the channel but almost begs me to open it with the Telegram app. You can try or download the Telegram app, you don’t need to join a channel to preview it.

Most likely just the fact that Apple uses WebKit, which is actually a good thing. It’s also used for the webviews in Gtk, Qt, etc. Some sites fail on it though, because it’s not Chromium or Firefox and these sites don’t care enough about it for the same reason corporations don’t tend to care about Linux.

The very same

I think it’s not unreasonable to believe that they “behave” a little bit tamer than they really feel because they don’t want to be deplatformed. I don’t know how regulations are in other countries but “defending Russias war of aggression” is a punishable crime in Germany. I get why they don’t want to engage with it if it’s similar in their respective countries.

What would be wrong with hosting Semin? I don’t know anything about him other than:

"On February 21, 2008, while commenting on the Serbian protests against Kosovo’s declaration of independence in his Vesti Plus program, Syomin justified the 2003 assassination of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić, opining that Đinđić was a Western puppet who received “a well-deserved bullet”.[7]

His comments provoked an outcry in Serbia. The next day, on February 22, the Serbian embassy in Moscow demanded an explanation from the TV company. The Serbian diplomats wondered whether the scandalous statement was the position of the state television or Syomin’s personal viewpoint. However, they were unable to reach the company’s management. On February 23, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić called his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over the issue and sent a letter of protest to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company. On February 25, the Liberal Democratic minority faction in the Serbian parliament accused Russia of gross interference in the domestic affairs of Serbia and proposed to recall the ambassador from Moscow unless Russia apologizes. President Boris Tadić promised to touch the issue on February 25, during the scheduled visit of First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and presidential candidate Dmitry Medvedev to Belgrade behind closed doors. After the talks, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov publicly dismissed Syomin’s comments voiced on state-run television as nonsense and his personal opinion. However, despite the scandal, Syomin continued his work as a TV host, and the company has not commented on the issue.

which, lol owned.

The entire trio of the Deprogram podcast have somewhat more western-compatible views on the Russia-Ukraine conflict than many of us here do, whether this is because they genuinely think this is a “both sides bad” situation or because they can’t afford to come off too pro-Russian and alienate their largely western audience i don’t know. It is clear they really don’t like modern day bourgeois Russia and Putin. This is understandable obviously, we would all prefer if the Soviet Union was still around, and Putin besides not being exactly fond of communism is also quite socially reactionary which makes it difficult to defend critical support of Russia to a western audience. If you ask me i think that since they spend so much of their time immersed in what’s going on politically in the west they could not avoid being influenced by some of the liberal left’s narratives about Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, i.e. that it’s an “imperialist” invasion, that they are using Ukraine’s Nazi problem as a pretext, that they are committing atrocities, etc. For Hakim especially being Iraqi and having been invaded by the US i imagine it can be difficult to not at least be extremely skeptical of any military intervention.

I think they are all three pretty decent Marxist-Leninists, Hakim in particular is very well educated in the theory classics. I just get the impression they haven’t exactly followed the conflict very closely and have not been exposed to the Russian perspective that much. As for having Russian Marxists as guests on, that doesn’t tell us very much, there are plenty of self-described Marxists in the west especially in academia - Trotskyists, etc. - who buy into US imperialist narratives and whose overall views and ideology are really quite liberal. Russia similarly has a liberal, anti-Putin left, and some of them do claim to be Marxists. But they are a small minority, most Russian communists may be critical of Putin but they generally take the KPRF’s line which is that the intervention is not just justified but should have happened much earlier. Unfortunately in the west the KPRF is smeared as controlled opposition, that’s an easy way to discount them without ever having to honestly engage with what they are saying and where they stand.

one of the claims in that mango press thread was that hakim lies about being an iraqi, or at least living in iraq, for online marxist clout. the argument goes that because he was eligible for US student loans for medical school, he’s probably a US citizen. there were also some examples brought up about euphemisms he used that only a fluent or first-language english speaker would use. no idea how true this is and it’s not a lot to go on, and mango press has some fucking weird opinions sometimes, but i can’t deny that it’s possible.

hakim having weird, uninformed, or no opinions on present-day events is not totally out of character: i watched a conversation on present-day china between him and paul morrin (anti-china maoist), and was surprised at how lukewarm at best his defense was. no mention of like the NEP, him calling china bad because “state capitalism,” etc. anyone curious should watch it for themselves. let’s be honest, there’s no reason why we should all read theory and study historical trends other than better understanding the present, and consistently having not-great takes on the present makes me question what good his content can be except perhaps as an introduction for people who aren’t marxists or leninists.

also noticed recently that he’s put ads on his youtube videos. i’m sorry but this does affect the content, because at the very least it affects the purpose why the content was made. it also implies that the content is intitutionally-friendly enough for a company to buy advertising time from them. we should be extremely, extremely skeptical of theory youtubers and especially advertised content. if ben norton or BT news suddenly got sponsored by fuckin surfshark or expressvpn, i think we would all be very surprised. i haven’t unsubscribed yet, but just the title of this most recent video gives me “capitalist brainwashing” vibes, which ultimately gives ground to multiple anticommunist tropes. will perhaps edit after i watch.

Hakim has come out to be pretty pro-China recently, if u listen to what he says when he mentions China in the pod it’s pretty nuanced and he’s put ads in his videos because he hired an editor.

lol @ mango press claiming Hakim is american bc he speaks English too fluently.

just want to clarify that it wasn’t exactly mango press making that specific argument, but someone in telegram comments. and, the argument wasn’t that his english was fluent, but that he used specific idioms that only an american would use. mango press did make the argument that only a US citizen would be eligible for student loans.

That’s insanity coming from a place like mango press that focuses so much on other countries. These people do realize how most young people around the world learn English right? It’s 80%+ pop culture and consuming stuff that comes from the US/Britain. My longest relationship was with a girl from Italy who’s parents didn’t even speak a word of English and she was 10x more well versed in American pop culture and popular sayings than I am as an American myself. Even Yugopnik himself has said he basically taught himself English through American movies and video games.

Idk I just watch his videos

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