Sorry, still use Kindle. Might get off it one day.

Arsen6331 ☭

If you want an alternative that isn’t owned by big tech, the Vivobook 13 Slate OLED from ASUS can run Linux with most of the features working. I wrote an ArchWiki entry for it: It’s the top one in the table. It is great for reading books with Foliate, though a bit big. The bonus is it can also do anything else a computer can do and has a really beautiful screen and amazing speakers for a device that thin. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus that works out of the box with Krita for anyone who has a use for one of those.

There is a bit of annoyance on the initial install if you get the eMMC variant because you need to set a kernel parameter, but otherwise, it is a really good Linux device, so it’s definitely wrorth it.

Thank you. I’ve starred this post and will look into this soon.

shout-out to libgen, shout-out to quicknovel

Kawalski? Analysis?

FYI you don’t need to pay anything to read on Kindle, you can just directly upload PDFs to the device from a desktop computer using the official Amazon Send to Kindle app

I downloaded all my Marxist literature in PDFs and read from Kindle, there’s a sweet irony to educating myself about Marxism using a device owned by one of America’s richest men

I found out about this feature recently. I’ll definitely be using it. It’s actually virtually a perfect e-reader. I just discovered that it can make slides based on your highlights.

On a similar note, I sort of laugh sometimes when Amazon is recommending me communist literature. They really don’t care what they sell as long as they make a profit.

Karl was spot on about the capitalist and the rope 🔥

Actually that famous “rope” quote is attributed to Lenin but there’s no solid evidence that he ever actually said it. Still true as anything though

Ah, still good regardless of who said it.

Kindle Unlimited is a treasure. I have no idea why it’s so horny and weird

I had it for a while but cancelled because I didn’t read fast enough to cover the cost of the subscription.

What a great loss. “The Alpha’s Fated Encounter”, “Secret Daddy”, “Single Dads’ Club” and more 😔

I don’t know where you live, but Kindle let’s you borrow library ebooks (with Libby or Overdrive) in some countries.👍

Someone linked me to a site on here where you can send books to your kindle. Definitely gonna use that.

My 2019 Kindle is full of downloaded books. No need using their store.

I usually just send stuff to it. It’s still a great reader NGL.

No reason to trash a perfectly usable device

This is the pipeline ngl

Also I have legit no idea what I read to get suggested that Baby Daddy book.

You can’t question the Amazon algorithm

This is deeply embarrassing, but slightly before becoming an ML I got into crypto. So people on Goodreads saw me reading books on crypto and then like 2 weeks later I was reading the communist manifesto 😂

Needless to say, I may have actually broken their algorithm.

I checked it out and apparently a linked Goodreads account contributes to the Kindle recommendations… Time to quit Goodreads, comrade.

Way ahead of you. I quit a while back.

I have not… shame

Do you know of any good communist book communities? My back log is already insane but I’d appreciate recommendations and discussions from people that think like I do.

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