Compress your existing JPGs and PNGs to 97% quality (you get 30% space savings). If you want to go any lower, not below 93% (about 50% space savings). Anything below this is diminishing returns not worth it. You can use XNViewMP on Linux, Windows and Mac for any and all image manipulation and conversion.

AVIF, JPEG XL and WebP is not worth it now. And WebP is garbage.

Thanks for the recommendation. I didn’t know such little reduction in quality meant so much savings with JPGs and PNGs!

Yeah. Avif gave me some nasty artifacts on some pictures that I wanted to save long term. Not using it anytime soon… or at least until those issues are fixed.

Why do you dislike WebP? I can see that it isn’t widely used, so if longevity is my goal JPGs and PNGs are a better bet. But am I missing something about WebP?

WebP is even worse than AVIF for compression, and has very bad problems with ease of conversion to JPG or other formats, and WebP has not exactly caught up in a decade like it was supposed to. If it has not caught up, why not use the most complete universal image format standard built to date instead? You can read the initial and conclusion parts if in a hurry, but reading the whole is better.

It is amazing to me how WebP got pushed for “web” usage despite lacking something as fundamental as progressive decoding (how you see a blurred image when image is partially loading up).

My photo library is an assortment and I’ve only ever run into issues sending png’s. It truly doesn’t matter if you’re able to edit the file type. Personally, I’m not big with WebM files as they don’t run well with my preferred muisic player on mobile though.

don’t think you can really convert them properly without losing data

Unless I’m missing something, I believe both WebP and AVIF have lossless compression as options. Of course, choosing that results on heavier files, but at least there’s the option.

Soviet Snake

Afaik webp are shit pushed by googlez unsure how good avif is.

Think I just watched something about avif… it’s optimized for modern monitors with much better colors. and it’s an open standard. so I would def use it over jpeg if I can get away with it

Cold Hotman

It’s not shit, it’s just not significantly better or smaller than a properly configured JPEG compressor. I guess it’s about point of view.

Interesting, helps explain why WebM sucks soo hard to try and play on GrapheneOS at least!

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