Okay. Honestly… It has nothing to do with voting for sentators and reps that are worth voting for. Those dont count and they’re both ACTUALLY bad.

However. My state IS actually putting things on the ballot that will allow me to directly choose to amend the state constitution to either ban abortions constitutionally or… To NOT do that.

Such a thing doesnt seem like a waste of time in my view. And… 🤷‍♂️ It MIGHT be a good idea to also vote on judges in my state courts if they’re progressive.

But I would like to maybe have some comrades weigh in on voting for judges; especially comrades who are marginalized by the police state. If I was to also vote on judges as a cracker; how do you think I should go? Vote? Dont vote? Only pick progressive judges?

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Marxists don’t have a problem with voting, everyone should vote. We have a problem with liberals telling us that voting is the ultimate tool of politics and blaming everyone else when the person they vote-in gets nothing tangible accomplished. Voting can be mildly useful, it’s just completely dwarfed by the effectiveness of actual organisation outside of bourgeois electoralism

Legally binding referenda are worth voting on

I mean, voting for the lesser evil isn’t going to hurt. But it’s probably pointless, given motions at everything US democrats have ‘accomplished’. You just can’t consider it the be-all-end-all like libs do, and even endorsing voting just…doesn’t take into account the bigger picture.

I’m still going to be watching to see which regions are holdouts for bourgeoisie who are sympathetic (at least performatively) to LGBT people because I’m allergic to being hatecrimed.

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