EU urged to place export restrictions on China – Bloomberg
The US wants the EU to employ the same export limits to target China as those being used against Russia, according to media reports

NATO absolutely slavering all over themselves trying to get the EU to completely eradicate itself. lol. Like I imagine the pure essence of the coomer meme as the fascists at NATO go insane with ecstasy imagining the complete destruction of the EU by their own hands. Millions starving and freezing to death just to inconvenience China.

So much for being white, western and civilized. This is the respect the US has for its closest allies.

Fascists have no allies only bodies to exploit.

The [Kaiser era] Germans militarized themselves out of existence.

The British empire expanded itself out of existence.

The Americans have been busily spending themselves out of existence.

The EU will complacent and comfortable elite hubris itself out of existence.

So now not only do they not have gas to warm people but pretty much nothing else? next thing you know they’ll sanction air

N2 and O2 are products of natural gas extraction, so soon Europe will be asking people to take a maximum of 2 breaths a minute to sanction Russian air.

Political climate in Poland is such that i seriously at some point expect them to sanction the continental air current which is usually coming from over Russia (around 30% time every year, in summer and winter).

it’s not a shot in the foot, this is already a right shot in the head

Do it actually, please.

I’d like to watch European trade dominance collapse

Please let it happen.

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