Paul Pelosi suspect charged with attempting to kidnap House speaker and attempted murder | CNN Politics
Paul Pelosi "is making steady progress on what will be a long recovery process," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Monday, following the announcement of state and federal charges against the man accused of attacking him.

I got some questions and Im noticing a pattern.

Why do it at all? If he thinks the state is so awful then why didnt he follow through in this event where he knew he was fucked?

Why is it easy for guys like this to kill and terrorize working people at protests?

Why is this guy “having a conversation” with what we can only assume is a mortal enemy; the fucking arch democrat but guys like this can murder a pink haired protester and be hailed as a hero by the GOP?


…I honestly hate this. I hate that deep down, the reason this sack of shit didnt kill Pelosi is because despite people like him saying they hate democrats; they hold a democrat’s wealth in high reverence.

Why do these people make moves on the democrat elite and fail; but they NEVER FAIL when it comes to exacting perfect and complete violence on workers and the marginalized.

…Honestly. Fuck this guy. Imagine throwing your life away having a talk about “the trurh” with your mortal enemy.

This is one piece of shit I wouldnt lose sleep over getting gitmo’d. Worthless mother fucker.

I think this guy is a different profile than the ones that kill working people, leftists, minorities. He seems to be the pie in the sky QAnon type that thinks everyone seeing Pelosi in a wheelchair would trigger a massive paradigm shift. On the other hand the usual right-wing terrorists I think target people with less power than themselves, as a sort of power trip or something. This is just my speculation though.

My guess is he thought that if he caused mortal harm, he would be killed by the police too. Apart from that I have no clue. He is a far right crank and they are not known to make sense.

A far right crank the media is trying to portray as a leftist…

I didn’t know that. It’s pretty clear from his website that he was far right.

To make a long motherfucking story short, the guy used to be a Hippy who was into “left-wing” conspiracy theories (don’t know what kind), but got radicalized by Gamergate around 2014. He’s been an alt-right piece of shit since then.

This Washington Post article goes into it a bit and also links this tweet which talks about how the narrative that Depape was a leftist is very disingenuous. Beware the replies, some are very stupid. Something about Horseshoe Theory.

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