Every month is no nestle for me, lol.

I’ve never seen any of these products irl except for kitkat and nestle water bottles both I can live without.

I like Perrier, s. Pellagreno, and Starbucks and was sad but not surprised to see them on here. Otherwise I’m familiar with the ice creams but I’m vegan now, and as far as I know my pets don’t consume the pet items that I recognize. Otherwise I don’t know many besides the obvious ones you mentioned.

Based ✊️

Counterargument, is it okay to use them if I only steal them?

I guess it depends on multiple factors? Like where would you steal it of course you wouldn’t steal it from some grandma walking home or ig a small store? But it might be fine to steal from Walmart and big stores? But the other thing is that they’ll restock their product and buy more so??? Maybe if it got stolen often they’ll stop stocking it? Or maybe they’ll lock it? I don’t know

Well capitalism is fond of over buying and overproduction, so it would be restocking regardless. Nestle especially. But this month I will not use them, and steal them other months if I somehow need them. Great points, Aru. Thank you.

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