Man I just read Vijay Prashad’s Washington Bullets yesterday and it straight up made me want to play minecraft a lot if you know what I mean. Just sheer barbarism from the CIA

I also wanna play minecraft to dissociate from reality /hj

“I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad”



I honestly believe that most self‐identified anticommunists would agree with that, even for victims who were little children, which many were (NSFL). Despite their repeated mentioning of various body counts that they assign to us, anticommunists not only normalize violence; they openly glorify it.

If you try to show them atrocities that their movement committed, your chances of receiving as little as one concerned response are pretty low. You’ll be lucky if you even get a half‐assed apology like ‘maybe some mistakes were made’, ‘nobody’s perfect’, or ‘sorry if you were offended’.

Their default excuse basically boils down to ‘at least it wasn’t communism’.

Otherwise, they rush as fast as possible to find a single possible ‘flaw’ somewhere in the accusations: usually something that they could have easily understood themselves by being more patient, taking their research seriously.

What the actual fuck, NSFL warning on that first link (it’s not a picture but the description is graphic as fuck). I swear I learn about a new US atrocity every other day here, each more horrific than the last.


Yuuup. Try asking anticoms about operation Gladio. “Well we had to stop communism hurr”


When you catch yourself believing you are dealing with fellow humans, remember this is how they think of us. Class interests over everything else.

(image transcription)

But after seven years of close cooperation with Washington, the military was already well equipped. You also don’t need very advanced weaponry to arrest civilians who provide almost no resistance. What officials in the embassy and the CIA decided the Army really did need, however, was information. Working with CIA analysts, embassy political officer Robert Martens prepared lists with the names of thousands of communists and suspected communists, and handed them over to the Army, so that these people could be murdered and “checked off” the list.

As far as we know, this was at least the third time in history that US officials had supplied lists of communists and alleged communists to allies, so that they could round them up and kill them. The first was in Guatemala in 1954, the second was in Iraq in 1963, and now, on a much larger scale, was Indonesia 1965.

“It really was a big help to the army,” said Martens, who was a member of the US embassy’s political section. “I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad.”

What’s the book ??


Probably either the Jakarta Method or Killing hope, not sure.

It’s the former.

Is this Killing Hope? It looks familiar

It’s The Jakarta Method.


I always wonder what will happen if we start a succesful revolution over here in Belgium. I want this movement to succeed but I am very aware that there is a great chance I will die in the process.

Plus, NATO and the EU have their HQ here, so that might be even more interesting.

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