Source your VPN APKs directly from developers or on F-Droid. I see no reason to use Play Store for this.

Let’s just not use OSs and browsers by such evil capitalist big techs? I can’t. Linux mobile is not usable 😢

SailfishOS/SailfishX is pretty damn usable, I’ve been using it for almost a decade.

It’s not the OS I need, it’s all of the apps. Three apps for my banks are all Android, the app for my router is Android, the Logitech Media Server app is Android. Dozens of native apps, many of which aren’t on f-droid.

Maybe some of these will run older OS APIs, but will enough of them? How good is the Android app support on Sailfish? How do they get around apps depending on Play services?

Cold Hotman

This is a cautionary tale about why buying equipment that depends on apps that depends on the good grace of a multi-billion, privacy-selling company isn’t a good idea.

Edit: Actually replying to the post

How do they get around apps depending on Play services?

It’s mostly lies.

In my personal experience of running “Play Service Dependent” apps downloaded from the google servers with gService built in, 90% of them works just fine without Play services. Even a lot of paid apps “Depending on Play Services” works great.

It’s mostly lies.

It’s just a few that needs GPlay Services, and I can’t remember one except the old Snapchat.

A good place to start is the channel of Rob Braxman. Got a lot of good tips by him.

I have SailfishX on my phone, and use Android apps on it. I use the Aurora store, and microG emulation of Play services. Everthing works just fine, and not a single Google service in sight.

Might not be a good fit. Android support is brilliant though I haven’t used it with banking apps. Not sure I would. For other apps that complained about play services I’d just installed micro g - when my phone dropped from a great height, now on stuck on android pending a 10 IV release and disliking google sticking their fingers into everything…

Ah. EU only. I knew there was some reason it wasn’t an option for me.

Thanks for the info! From a privacy perspective that’s probably miles better, but still it seems to include proprietary software, right? The postmarketos people are more aligned to my freedom expectations. For the time being, guess I will look into acquiring a salfish phone

If you like the Android ecosystem, /e/OS is pretty damn good too (and de-googled by default):

GrapheneOS is a great alternative

That’s nice thanks! It would be ideal to avoid anything Android-based though.

GrapheneOS is a custom Android fork with largely no security enhancements, besides UX rework and copypasting other security projects. They sell snake oil in the name of prestigious glory that FLOSS label carries.

Its lead developer (who became irrelevant in society) and his acolytes believe in purposely creating insane amounts of toxicity and drama to remain relevant in the privacy community. They baselessly label everyone with political epithets to defame everyone, and then scream “defamation” when a counter argument is presented to their manufactured position.

The long comment by official GrapheneOS account should be here (spoiler: subject of comment is me):

Recently someone informed me of them creating drama with Bromite (on which their Vanadium browser is based) and FlorisBoard projects. They labelled those project maintainers with very bad, false epithets.

Johnny Mojo

You can try an open source androi, I use e/OS. I only use F-Droid or directly get apks.

@hfkldjbuq @sizeoftheuniverse 👏 but all we need is to teach people how to stop using it and “free” services and choose well. Also how to block #ads because it is the critical step to #privacy and make those companies come down and close.

I do. But that is limited. Both MS Windows and Android did the most effective strategy to gather most users: pre-installed OS on devices. Too bad Mozilla couldn’t stand against Google/Android in this capitalistic competitive world.

PINE64 PinePhone I am rooting for you. ;) see what I did there?


Source? I don’t doubt this is happening, I’d just like to see where they’re quoting “manipulating ads that can impact apps monetization” from.

@sizeoftheuniverse: we love to see Google and Facebook and all marketing companies, to feel the pain. It’s a small pain yet, because for now,they are just reacting to a small profit loss, but it is a good signal that we are on the right path. We need to teach people to block #ads and stop using a “smartphone” to browse. It’s for making calls and taking pictures, not for using on Instagram or Facebook. Stop being used and dumb!

payback to duckduckgo for all the tv ads

@sizeoftheuniverse What alternatives do we have now ?

deleted by creator

Install the APK directly

is not good security advise.

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