Translation (sorry in advance if it’s bad): “Real socialism” has failed

In the International Working Men’s Association founded by Marx in 1864 there were soon intense discussions about how to improve the situation of the workers could be achieved - by a revolution or reforms. After the Russian Revolution, these tion to a split in the labor movement into communist and Social Democratic Parties. After the October Revolution, “Socialism” introduced in Russia. The Communist Party established a dictatorship and nationalized the means of production. the Economy was centrally planned, any criticism of this policy presses and under Stalin (1878-1953) several million people were executed. This social and economic model was 1945 also the countries of East Central Europe from Bulgaria to the GDR imposed.

—————————————————————————— It also includes: -a quote from Ken’ichi Mishima a university professor in Tokyo, saying how Marxism somehow makes the proletariat even poorer and the bourgeoisie richer

  • a quote from a social democrat being against socialism

  • that Das Kapital is telling how Marx wants to create a dictatorship led by the proletariat


In my opinion they could’ve added a Goebbels quote and other Nazi officials too.

mehrere Millionen Menschen hingerichtet

Austria with literal Nazi propaganda 💀

gotta appreciate how they didn’t quote anyone that experienced Marxism and was part of this system

that’s because they were all executed by Stalin Zedong smh

Wow that’s a bad take. Not surprised considering it’s coming from anti-communist bulwark Germany though.

Tip for translations: DeepL does DE-EN pretty well.

Imagine if Western history books said this about feudalism: “The economy was centrally planned, any criticism of policy was repressed, and several millions of people were executed. The social and economic model was also imposed onto other countries of Eastern Central Europe”. In contrast to socialism, all of this would be true, but still nobody would put it like that when writing a history book.

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