I see no problems here. All good!


This is a medal to all based people

IP banned maybe


What did you do?

That’s the problem, I don’t even know. They didn’t even tell me like last time, then they unsuspended it, but idk about now.

Bunch of losers anyway, you’re free now.

Probably someone got mad at you for exposing historymemes as the nazi breeding cesspool that it is and tattled to the admins

I wasn’t in that sub since 2019 except for taking photos for cringe, but prolly has to do something with ukronazis

Yeah people will use these third party tools to search your comment history for anything rule violating (think inciting/advocating violence) and just report them all at once. It hits your account at once and the admins just see someone breaking a ton of rules and don’t pay attention to time periods and smash that ban button.

Some believe a certain Hinduvata fascist subreddit got enraged with the ChapoTrapHouse subreddit and used tools like that to mass report years of violating content which triggered the initial quarantine.

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