Berners-Lee said people too often conflate Web3 with "Web 3.0," his own proposal for reshaping the internet.

Jokes on him I have been doing that the entire time since it’s pretty easy to spot fraud when it’s that obvious.

Web3 term itself is so stupid. I wonder why people even use it! Not everything is a version 1, 2, 3 and this linear stuff.

His proposal - or something like it - does sound very nice if implemented correctly. I work in Identity and Access Management. It would be incredible for us to be able to integrate with an external source of identity like this. Right now the best we have is email addresses, and those are notoriously insecure. There is the option to have “social login” through Facebook, Google, and the like but at the expense of tying us to one provider.

He’s not wrong but I think we are running out of ways to not use advertising to keep the lights on.


Running what exactly? Hugely overblown advertisement companies like Twitter which run services that can be feasibly replaced by a bunch of people running Mastodon servers out of their basement?

Most of the online services could be easily be replaced by something like your local library subscription service as the core services are only a tiny part of what these advertisement giants spend their revenue on.

Maybe websites should be run as public utilities based on how much benefit they bring to the commons rather than how much profit they bring to already wealthy shareholders.

I’m out. They can advertise all they want.

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