Sources who worked at Twitter prior to Musk's acquisition told CNBC the Tesla engineers are reviewing existing code despite their lack of experience.

I’m calling it, Twitter is dead in a year. You can’t hollow out your engineering department like this for a tech company. The remaining engineers are likely going to leave soon, and that’s institutional knowledge that can’t be replaced. The Tesla engineers reviewing code is bizarre to say the least. I know Python and a little Scala, and they’re just nothing alike. Musk is simply engaging in gross mismanagement. This will likely echo back into Tesla because his personal fortune is tied up almost exclusively in Tesla stocks.

LOL his 10x engineers will just rewrite Twitter in Python, how hard can it be right? /s

Jolly good show

I am so sorry for the engineers. He created a “reign of fear” by kicking 3000+ people because of his discalculitis and now asks another 100 engineees to do a job they are not really quallified, in more or less no time at all, to identify more engineers to kick or be kicked. What a job?!


Former twitter employees should create an ad-driven fediverse microrblogging instance the way they know how to run that kind of business . If they’re so good they should succeed. They can choose among various product such as pleroma, misskey, etc…

Yeah, not that this is really even necessary in my view, but if you were extremely hell bent on this, you would normally hire a consultancy with the relevant expertise, rather than diverting resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Working on code quality is a good thing. The one working way is creating the correct error-handling culture. Let’s see how many more resources he needs to get there.

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