I’m seriously considering voting for Tim Fucking Ryan. This won’t be the first time I’ve cast a ballot for monstrous bourgeois pigs. Do I have to turn in my card if I admit to voting for Joe Biden? If I had known the horrific treatment of immigrants would only intensify under him, I might have not voted in 2020, but he dangled hope over all our heads, and I was one of the idiots who reached to grab it.

I find myself cyclically struggling with the urge to vote. Obviously, the midterms are tomorrow, and I’m getting fearful that the fascists will win. I worry about the queer community, I worry about reproductive rights, and I worry about all the other shit. If I vote, I’m going to vote Democrat down the line. Nothing will change, but maybe things won’t change for the worse.

It’s frustrating that the only thing we can do within the parameters of the capitalist system is swallow these bad-faith choices. I would like to do literally anything else, but I can’t. Liberal politics is an addictive drug.

Democrats are enablers of every worst behaviour of Republicans. Then they cynically hold the rights of marginalised peoples over peoples heads as blackmail to get people so afraid they vote for them. To me it seems like psychological abuse.

I remember reading in US that democrats will actually finance the campaigns of the most right wing nutjob magatards because they cynically view it as easier to win against. So they are basically amplifying their hateful rhetoric? This is the behaviour of a supposed ally to lgbt or immigrants?

this guy who’s running to replace our nut job is actually kinda interesting: http://www.mjbarkl.com/run.htm

vermin on the ballot

Wow, some of that shit is really radical. Freedom of immigration, the anti-war stuff… Blatantly calling for the repeal of the 2nd is also a brave ass political move, and one I can respect.

Hey uhhhh, Mike? What did you mean by this? 😳

Allow Sikhs to enlist without requiring loss of turbans or facial hair

Establish a Federal “chicken” court; whenever anyone feels the application of a rule by an agency is “chicken” they file a complaint with the chicken court - the judge and stenographer show up at the complainant’s location, record what the complainant has to say, gives the agency 5 days to defend, considers for another 5 days, and then issues a non-appealable ruling allowing or disallowing the application, the loser to pay the court $100 / Design some sort of Federal Small Claims Court where the targeted public, especially farmers, can protest arbitrarily applied and pointless regulations, and get the application of them suspended or redressed.

Bring back ACORN.

Require human rights improvements by Israel in exchange for continuing the $3,000,000,000 in annual foreign aid; Conversely, no direct or indirect foreign aid or any other funding shall be paid to any government or organization that does not remove from its constitution, charter, bylaws or other governing documents any advocacy for the destruction of Israel or its people.

Support Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation (SSMN) tribal recognition.

Encourage presidential candidates and Supreme Court Nominees to reveal their IQ, LSAT, SAT, etc. scores; move towards an understanding that climate-change deniers are unfit for public office.

Change U.S. Government programming procurement to engage the vendors with the best programmers rather than those with the best lawyers.

Consider banning Corexit? Consider banning PFAs?

If there is a test out there that grades a person’s moral IQ, require a minimum score to be allowed to hold elective office.

Provide lifetime voting membership in the House of Representatives for all past Presidents

Repeal the right to keep and bear arms Require that every Congressional freshman who has not done so take an Economics 101 course, and keep taking it until achieving a passing grade Construct an adequate Congressional dormitory as part of the Capitol Complex

“”" United Nations: Resolution by the U.N. / The Putin Resolution:

    Upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall draft for consideration a set of criteria and/or standards for defining an autocratic ruler.

    Thereafter, upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall consider whether or not a particular ruler is an autocrat.

    Thereafter, upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall consider whether on not a particular adjudged autocrat has killed or caused the death of ____ people within or without the ruled country, and if it determines that threshold death toll has been exceeded, shall draft for consideration a proposal for the United Nations to remove that autocrat from power.
    - - -



Typical, even the wackiest U.S. politicians still represent imperialist, bourgeois interests at their core.

I skimmed over his policies, granted. Apologies if I implied that he was totally worthwhile or anything.

oh I’m not disagreeing with you, I am impressed with him, but it is the u.s.

Draw a cock on the ballot, revolt

Most useful anarchist action (wasting some proletarian Scrutineer time)


I wouldn’t vote. I’m simply not represented by any of these candidates and they all represent garbage opinions. Even then, the 435 reps being capped at 435 means each rep is supposed to represent 700,000+ people, but they only represent the rich and they appeal to Petty Bourgeoisie in many ads.

“Fuck labor laws, we need to protect the petty bourgeoisie. Fuck raising property taxes for worthy use of resources in our community, we need to protect the petty bourgeoisie! What’s that? Food and basic necessities are becoming more and more expensive? You working stiffs don’t need a handout, our town’s petty bourgeoisie needs a liferaft to wade through this recession properly! What’s that? You dare to complain for a state constitution-guaranteed wage rise or for unionizing to be easier? Fuck you, and fuck everyone you know and love, there will be nonstop ads slandering the new amendment as being run by irresponsible Pedophiles and abusers that wanna raise your taxes for no reason.”

Once I started thinking about how local politics work, I gave up on the concept of voting in this shitty nation. I used to say “hey these natl elections are decided by idiots around the country, how about local politics?” And unfortunately its the same dynamic, dumbasses with not an inkling of class consciousness will continue to slander anything that helps them because they say it raises taxes (but will never complain paying increasing taxes for police that do fuck-all).

I Fucking hate elections here, 4-6 weeks of nonstop annoying ads from candidates trying to sling mud at opponents. Nobody looks better at the end of it. [R] slam ad tells me [D] rarely shows up to congress, or has a corruption scandal or is a billionaire or something. Noted. [D] slam ad says that [R] is a racist and sexist bigot who has no political experience and owns a large business. Noted. Do I wanna vote for the billionaire scumbag who will maybe be a little kinder while maybe doing nothing at all in congress or the asshole who will probably do his job and make this a scarier place?

I mean I don’t wanna have my name tarnished by voting for EITHER of these bourgeois Dipshits, so no I won’t judge people for making a decision but DAMN voting sucks. Sorry for the rant but fuck I hate this time of year

My friend, i mean this in the nicest way possible, please use paragraphs 😅 i can’t read your comment lol

Lol sorry, in my defense it WAS a rant but I agree it may have gotten outta hand

Lmao i get it completely no worries. When i get angry and wanna rant i usually do too many paragraphs, like every three lines lol.

Oh hey, hello fellow person trapped in this hell we call Ohio. Don’t you just love getting spammed with Tim Ryan/J.D Vance political ads on your phone and stuff your are trying to watch?

Eh just vote if you want to, dont be shamed or whatever, i vote in Éire even though most leftists think it’s stupid. Vote in local elections against the assholes running your town/city, lots of christian fascists running for school boards and coty management roles that need to be opposed, even if thay means voting for milquetoast libs, these fuckers are literally publicly attacking and bullying lgbt youth all over your god forsaken country.

sometimes ashley

idfk i usually do one of a few things

sometimes i write in Juan Guiado (if the US loves him so much, then they can elect him)

sometimes i write in a nice encouraging note to the ballot counter (“you are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day” this does two things, it’s super annoying cause it has to be manually reviewed, and also maybe some random person will smile)

sometimes when it’s like a local election there’s actually a tiny bit of incremental good that can happen so i vote for those sometimes like in a school board situation where there’s someone who will do a better free lunch program or something small like that

hoenstly this year i just threw the entire ballot in the trash. i’m too discouraged to even go through it

Can you spoil ballots in the US? That’s what we do over here.

KiG V2

I think either way can be rationalized. For me it’s a matter of: would fascism be more radicalizing for all these apathetic shitheads? Or would they cling even harder to Blue? Are they even ready or do they need another decade of squishy bubble play before they’re ready to remember that shit’s bad? Accelerationism or let it gestate, let the Left catch up and lay groundwork?

I think either narrative is very rationable. I also think the ultimate outcome for this empire isn’t going to sway majorly whether Gwampaw Joe Brandon or evil orange stinky bad hair Drumpf is president, perhaps I am wrong, it’s really hard to say for sure.

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