China taking ‘aggressive’ steps to gut Canada’s democracy, warns Trudeau
The prime minister’s comments come after a news report that Beijing had funded a ‘clandestine network’ of candidates in 2019

They’re really trying to blame their racism on Chinese false flags.

yes…any US social media is all “china bad, china bad” 24/7

Unfortunately China’s aggressive steps to gut Canadian democracy are still a distant second to Canada’s aggressive steps to gut Canadian democracy. So no high speed rail anytime soon I guess.

Liberals: “Trump’s accusations of electoral fraud undermine faith in our democracy. It is unacceptable to push these conspiracy theories without evidence. In reality, they are simply demonizing perfectly legal political expression as somehow illegitimate simply because it doesn’t agree with their ideological goals and political preferences.”

Also Liberals:
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Isn’t Trudeau liberal?

he is basically the libbest lib that ever libbed yes

Xi can’t stop winning

Awesome. Canada deserves it.

Lil Kitai

Trudeau and the liberal party are becoming desperate. They know they are extremely unpopular right now, and Poilievre (fascism) is on the rise and can easily push them aside. So now they’re resorting to ‘Chinagate’…

Ugh we know the trajectory of all this, wish we can just get it over with.

That’s what I’ve been thinking too. All that Trudeau has been doing seems like an attempt to latch on to some extremist support. He’s got a minority government and has Skippy with the convoy up against him so he’s looking for anything that’ll get him any bit of approval.

As conditions worsen, the revolution becomes more favourable.

What is Canada? 90% of their population lives on the American border. Its whole existence is dependent on proximity to America. It’s not a real country.

Canada. The 51st state.

Not even a joke. I 100% expect the USA to annex Canada when Climate catastrophe really kicks off and we loose the breadbasket completely.

its a genocidal brother state to the USA

More like the “mini me” of the USA. lol

No sense to gut a puppet when their masters to the south hold the strings.

If anything these westoids should stop funding terrorism to destroy others in the non-westoid world.

Canadian russiagate

Lil Kitai



We have some canadian MLs here, do any of yall know the history of why Canada specifically hates China so much?
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Chinese industry espionage destroyed Canadian tech companies in the 00s tech bubble. Some say that Huawei 5G tech is actually Canadian tech that was stolen (Nortel, something like that).

Then, Chinese capitalists aggressively purchase every available house, driving price so high that the working class Canadian cannot afford anything other than a trailer, parked 1h away from any job opportunity… Then, wanting to apply communist rules to help workers have a place to live is criticized as racism, so Trudeau doesn’t do anything about it.

If Trudeau’s to be blamed on this, it’s because he’s not socialist enough on gen Z and working class housing issues.

I know of one connection between Canada and anti-China sentiment. It’s to do with Hong Kong and house prices. My only sources are from conversations, but as I understand it…

People from Hong Kong started emigrating to Canada around the time that China started taking a more active role in Hong Kong and Britain’s power there dwindled. There was a specific event, but I cannot recall which one.

Then the tale goes: Canada then imposed a rule that emigrants could only gain Canadian citizenship if they owned so much prpoerty in CAN$. Canadians realised they could inflate their house prices knowing that someone wanting to ‘escape’ Hong Kong just need to own a property worth CAN$1m (or whatever the actual sum was).

This story is then told to explain why Canada’s house prices are so expensive, and why Canadian passports are so desirable. But in the mix, the Chinese get blamed for a Canadian house price boom that puts home ownership out the question for Canadian workers.

I’d be very happy for someone with more detail to add that detail and correct any mistakes in this.


Makes sense. Very convenient for those cities to pretty much encourage real-estate speculation, make a shitload off the sales, then use xenophobia and put the blame on foreigners when people complain about the lack of affordable housing. No one’s forcing the landowners in Vancouver to sell. The city government’s are probably happy to take their additional cut in property taxes too.

That’s right. And even if the facts aren’t quite right, the story gets repeated and the reactionaries win twice. Once with the extra cash, and again with the divisive rhetoric.

I don’t know that there is a history. I think Canadians are simply very racist, dumb enough to believe American propaganda, and arrogant enough to believe in their own chauvinistic superiority. The perfect mayo storm if you will.

“The problem isn’t our system, our enemies are to blame for all our failings”

The Global Times has published a couple articles clowning Canadian democracy and Canada’s lack of sovereignty recently. All far better takes than Canadian media and political drivel. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also just flat out said that they’re not interested in Canadian internal affairs.

Trudeau should know blaming China can’t save declining Canadian democracy

Western countries are the pinnacle of democracy yet the democracy is in a constant state of precarity and under attack from foreign elements. Weird how it works.

“Trust me! Anyone who oppose USA-led Neo-Liberal regime are hardworking innovative overpowered masterminds who can overcome the logics of reality!” -free riding Liberals who are maybe too lazy to realize their overpowered potential?

Nonfalsifiable Orthodoxy, etc etc

I found this story on reddit originally. All I can say is don’t read the comments…

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