Absolutely disgusting post on r/worldnews that you might as well just call r/fashnews at this point. The mods of this default sub have basically banned any even slightly left leaning poster recently and the Ziobots have doubled down on vote manipulation (which is against reddit ToS but reddit never does anything about it when Israeli fash do it) and you can see the result. The thread is chockful of racist posts against Palestinians, Ziobots openly calling any critic of Israel terrorist and generally a bunch of fash fuckers circlejerking about how awesome fascism is.

But this post really takes the cake because they’re clearly trying to reclaim and poison leftism from the inside. They’re obviously fash fucks who claim to be “leftists” and enter leftist spaces and then start advocating for fash policies such as state colonialism, racism, and apartheid all the while claiming “the real Nazis were actually the non-whites because they’re genetically predisposed to be fascist!!!”

I fucking hate reddit. They’re using the main subs specially one that is supposed to be about “news” to advocate for fascism, Nazism and basically the worst humanity has to offer. Fuck these Nazi fascist fucks. Fuck them to pieces.



🇵🇸✊ 🇵🇸✊ 🇵🇸✊

reddit is only good for the memes on subs with under 100k members


and porn.

funnily enough I was drawing parallels between palestine and thr DPR/LPR and between the Arab League and Russia the other day. Now redditors decided to support israel who wouldvethunk

And this is why I no longer either identify with the label of “leftist” nor do I generally accept the left-wing/right-wing paradigm.

The term “left-wing” has become so broad and meaningless that it now includes pink neocon fucks like this who think you’re a leftist as long as you don’t want the sequel to the Holocaust.

in the west, left is when you say you care about people and right is when you are honest by saying that you don’t


who think you’re a leftist as long as you don’t want the sequel to the Holocaust.

as long as the holocaust sequel happens to those dirty brown people who actually deserve it!

Reddit is a curated state propaganda apparatus that is used to create this type of groupthink.



Israel manifesting (destiny) their dreams of genociding every last Palestinian.

“No true leftist should be anti-fascist”

Black Tulip

Fascism is when an ethnic group that’s been invaded and put to a genocide make nationalistic arguments for why their nation should still be theirs and why they shouldn’t be being bombed in the thousands for just existing.

Socialism is when the state owns some industries and there are public works for citizens.

every leftist should know this by now, smdh stoopid tankies.

Hey at least the Palestinians enjoy free healthcare. Oh wait…


deleted by creator

When I first started getting into socialism I was within this camp of stupidity, reading this post made me cringe at 19 yo me.


I stopped calling myself a leftist or a socialist a long time ago because of these people It’s not like communists believe in the left right spectrum anyway

deleted by creator

no leftist should be against Hitler tbh. These fucking tankies are now saying Hitler was bad! Umm sweaty, don’t you know “west bad” is not a real political stance? Just because Hitler was against your fash leader Stalin doesn’t make him bad mmkay? Learn some real leftism. iphone vuvuzela.

‘Based on fascism and theocracy’ - what a perfect description of Israel…

Oh wait.

Noooo Israel is a shining beacon of light in the darkness of the middle east. I am not racist!!! wahhhhhh 😭 😭 😭

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