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And some people still insist on an “American dream”. What a horrible joke the US is. Not even universal healthcare for a “developed” country. A place where capitalism, neoliberalism, exploitation stand above everything; systematically applying imperialism, war, propaganda, destroying, surveiling other countries for power and control while brainwashing the uncritical mass with “war on terror” 😂 Going backwards in human rights for a “democratic” country. Thank God I was not born there. I wish I can see a day when countries will mostly sanction the US instead. I wish US continues enriching the rich, that inflation goes up, inequality rises, so that it will led to increasing resistance. Unfortunately though, resistance doesn’t stand a chance against its defense, army. The best for enlightened people is just GTFO of there.

Never has been.

Oh no, it is, only for a very select few people though. I wonder if there’s a word for that… Ah wait there is! Plutocracy, oligarchy, fascism, take your pick.

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