One insider says the company’s current staffing isn’t able to sustain the platform.

TIL that Twitter spends 3 million usd per day on their infrastructure. 90 million per month, or a billion per year. Imagine how many fediverse servers that could pay for.

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yeah that’d buy a lot of servers. :)

probably about the same amount? i’d imagine their operations are rather efficient…

“Cloud” hosting can be very expensive, look at the prices for aws. And all just for a single instance.

pretty sure twitter isn’t paying the standard rates, but even if they were, most fediverse instances are also hosted on cloud services…

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☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

I’m sure they’ll figure out how to keep Twitter functioning. Whether it becomes profitable or not remains to be seen. Acquisition saddled Twitter with a lot of debt, last I looked it was something like $100M interest payments monthly. So, Twitter is going to have to produce substantial revenue to cover that and keep lights on.

Or just stop paying for servers. Its almost the same amount.

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