The bourgeoisie have won again.

Wow, this is shocking. We weren’t able to vote out the bourgeoisie? We need to vote harder next time! /s

most people didn’t vote

Holy shit the analysts couldn’t have predicted this. This is history

No, history ended. Didncha hear?

It won’t stop ending, though.


On a serious note, who is winning? I don’t understand what the Midterms are and the news coverage is a bit messy.

Edit: looking at the score (GO TEAM!!!) the Republicans are winning, right?

More of the Status Quo. Republicans swept the House, but lost the Senate, meaning we’re right back at the same deadlock as before. Meaning that both parties can sit on their hands and whine that the other side is stopping their progress, while supporting capital as much as they can.

Yeah, slightly. They were talking about some big wave, but that didn’t happen. It was a pretty subpar performance for both parties, tbh.


Subpar performance from a subpar country (with an archaic and needlessly complicated political system)

Big if true

corporate duopoly moment

Lofi girl went based

You ever zoomed in on her notebook? She’s writing theory, and has been without stopping for the past 5 years.

making lenin look like a liberal



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