It’s perfect. Crackers are PERFECT in their cruelty.

It’s another instance of capitalism being ultimately incapable of sustaining itself. Forgiving student debt would be a massive boon for the consumer economy, but naturally the system couldn’t help itself.

Sick world, friend. Sick, sad, world

Mass forgiving any kind of loan is dangerous. Household debt is household debt: if they can forgive student loans, why not mortgages and medical debt?

I paid off my loans and feel bad for those who suffer. This stuff sets you back for a decade.

Just as I expected would happen when it was announced very late and close to the voot. The fact that it fell apart just days after the voot is even funnier.

Hopefully none of you got tricked into doing any courses by this. (There were stories in the MSM about people who foolishly started courses after Biden won in 2020 believing there would be forgiveness.)

No…but I was hoping to get some relief. I’ve been paying on my loans for 10 years. I’ve paid over $25k and 100% of it has gone to interest.


Bourgeois state is really offering us the corn kernels in their shit then snatching them away at the last second.

Good ol checks and balances

I only looked into it briefly but it seems like Biden attempted to do this without passing any legislation. So it was of dubious legality and crumbled a few months later.

They also specifically chose to use the heroes act to do it instead of the department of education organization act. They have the legal authority to do it within the executive. They just spent months looking for a way to tie their own hands so that they could claim they tried.

It’s kind of amazing how no one seemed to be able to stop Trump and Republicans even when they lost both the House and Senate and how Biden and Democrats can’t (won’t) get anything done even with the full legislative branch at their disposal.

Kind of… makes you think. Hmmmmmm.

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