Can’t wait for it.

My biggest issue with Thunderbird has been that I often get calendar reminders that I can’t dismiss and end up having to just give up and either use web clients or Evolution.

I keep coming back every few months to see if it’s fixed… hopefully this revamp does the trick.

Always looking for a reason to move back to thunderbird.


@_ed @shreddy_scientist what else comes close to this all in one package? Evolution is nice but lacks some features.

Yeah could have clarified current using webmail rather than a desktop app.

Helix 🧬

which webmail?

Roundcube - very basic but does the trick. I dont manage the install.

Looks good, but I will stick to Geary

It’s really looking great, and try to organize it a little bit to make each essential things “simple”. I’ve been jumping back and forth with Evolution and Thunderbird for an easy mail client with built-in support for gpg, and both proposed too much advanced mail features which made the interface convoluted to me. Hopefully that redesign settles it.

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